Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Peek at my Week's ~ 10-`12 through 11-2

Come on in & take a "Peek at my Week's"...
(Ya ~ plural this time because I have missed a few)

Let me introduce you to "Henrietta" the 'blond-est' chicken to ever live here...

Some of my hens are really, really smart. Not Henrietta...
She loses more eggs than any one 'blonde' chicken I've ever met~!

One time, she layed her eggs on a trailer and I gathered them. She spent all day trying to find them.
She even spent a great portion of time standing on the trailer, on her nest, looking at her 'egg laying area,' upside down, with head between her legs, wondering if she put them back. 

We laughed & laughed & laughed.

She is just delightful, but she's just not so bright...

She has now 'layed' (pun intended) claim to the hay stack the 'Man-Child' stacked for me down by the animals. It's hers. Everytime I go near it, she has a hissy fit screaming at me and telling me off.
I know she probably has about 40 nests scattered around here and probably has 1, or 2 eggs in each nest. She wears herself out running from this hay stack, over by the shop - under a 2 bottom plow where she has another nest she tends and, into the barn where she has yet another nest she tends under an old aluminum boat. 

Henrietta is an egg laying machine.
She just loses more eggs than she can keep track of...

Gertrude on the other hand - my feather puppy - is the smartest hen I've ever owned.
And, the LOUDEST...
She has so much to say, she never stops chattering. She'll even follow you around telling you stories...

If there was a personality in my barn that would mimic the local beautician, it would be 'Gertie'

She probably owned a beauty salon in a former life. 

If I sit down on a bale of hay, Gertie is right next to me chatting away about whatever it is that chickens talk about. 
Me & Gertie are quite bonded. 
She's definitely my favorite chicken, although Ruby - my oldest hen - runs a close second in adoration.
Right now, Gertie is laying on a nest trying to hatch her some offspring. Only her nest is over in the shop, under an insulated concrete blanket. Her nest is not out in the cold, on top of a haystack like Henrietta, the lost chicken egg hen.

I miss Gertie right now though - 
She used to greet me every morning. 
Now, when she hears me, she comes speeding over from her next - gobbles as much food as she can in as short amount of time that she can. She's always fluffed up too like a big turkey. Then, she speeds off as quick as she came, back to her nest. 

If you walk over to check on her and lift the concrete blanket up, she screams at you like you just caught her getting out of the shower~!

I'm anxious for the day she gets her little ones hatched. I'm curious to meet them and also, I'm anxious to get my feather puppy back in the flock. It's just way too quiet at the barn with Gertie laying. 

Helen, the Rhode Island Red is another favorite. 
She is another "Egg Laying Machine"...

She'll sit here in the new chicken house on this laying box until I walk in. Then, she jumps down - lets me get the egg, or egg(s) and then, she jumps back up and starts laying again. 

She is one of 'Cornelius the rooster's' favorite girls.

I actually have 14 hens;
Gertrude (Gertie)
Ruby (my oldest hen)
The Colonel (she's my only leghorn)
And, Clarey...
And, 4 young Americana hens that I don't have names for yet
And, the Rooster - Cornelius.

They're quite a flock of chickens. 

My older neighbor comes over in his scooter in the morning with his kitty Sammy to visit while I'm doing chores. Sometimes, the chickens run down the highway when they hear him coming and they hop up on his scooter with him and hitch a ride back to the barn.
I might have to invest in some chicken helmets the way the old boy drives that scooter some days. 
His kitty Sammy rides in the front basket and if you look closely, he looks like a 
 "Chicken Taxi" when the girls jump on board...

Chickens have the most comical personalities - they're awesome pets~!

"Why did the Chicken run down the road?"

"To hitch a fun ride on Scotty's Scooter," of course...


We went to Salt Lake City to get the 

I'm waiting for the regulator to come in the mail, to get it hooked up to my propane.
Right now, I'm just using a hot plate and I've actually been forced to use the 'Expensive Timer' (the microwave)... A girlfriend of mine nicknamed the microwave "The Expensive Timer" at my house because I am ANTI- microwave. They freak me out. But, a girls got to do what a girls got to do without a cook stove, right? 
I do have a "Nuwave' confection hot plate - that gets way more use than the 'expensive timer' though.

And, I got the new/old Antique Mirror hug up in the living room too.

It was originally owned and repaired by Betsy Stephens from Kaysville, UT. 

It was given to me by the gentleman who cared for her in her last years of life.

Thanks for Betsy's mirror Beau - it's a beauty.

While we were in Salt Lake, the 'Man-Child' took me to my first "Re-Store"...
I was so disappointed - it was like a dumping ground for broken Jeld-Wen junk. I was bummed, so we decided to go on an adventure to "George's Architectural Salvage"
It's up by Liberty Park.

I've never been to George's, but I've wanted to go for some time now.

When I walked through the door, I was completely overwhelmed and just stood there, I think, with drool running down my right cheek...

Holy Batshiat ~~~
There was so much to look at that I was just sort of paralyzed and stuck in one spot staring...

I was actually interested in finding an older light for the back porch, but I kept getting distracted by shiny things.

There was SO MUCH STUFF~~~

And there were only what I would call, "Pig Trails" to get through and around the stuff ---

It was an intense experience~!

There is a warehouse in the back of the property full of doors - It's dark in there, so no pics, but I'll bet there are thousands of doors~~~

And, maybe bodies... eeewwwww.... 
Happy Halloween!


We were joking about how, if I was there with my best friend Pam, we would be putting on coveralls and safety goggles and diving into this mess to see what was on the bottom of the piles.
I'm sure of it.
There's stuff down there that hasn't seen the light of day for decades maybe.
And, someday, I'm dragging my best friend with me there, to get to the bottom of things...

It was an awesome adventure and way, way better than a 're-store' visit.

I didn't find a light for the back porch though, mainly because I didn't know what size shade my back porch could handle, so a return trip is a must. But, I did come out of there with a vintage white enamel fridge container and a white enamel bowl to add to my collection of "White Enamelware Hoarded Finds"....

Oliver has become a "Mighty Hunter"
I think Sammy (the neighbors cat) is teaching him new tricks. Here, he has himself a great big, fat mouse. 
I'm so happy he brings them home and eats them in front of the door and leaves the back legs and tails on the entry rug for me. 

Oliver has been teaching Steve how to hunt rodents too.
Steve's way of doing it though, is not chasing them, but attempting to "Dig them out"...

How could something this cute get that dirty?

(He helped himself to the man-child's pillow and blankets the other night when it was cold...)

There is a punishment for dirty behavior~~~
It's called, "A Bath"

Steve is not going to be a happy dog in a few minutes. He's going to be a clean, wet dog and that just pisses him off...

And then, they've been bragging on the news abut how I get my hour of sleep back that I lost last Spring. 
Time change was last night.

They lied to me...

They forgot to send Mooch the memo...

He always wakes me up at 7:00 a.m.
This morning, he woke me up at 6:00 a.m.

I DID NOT get my hour of sleep back. Instead, I had to taxi dogs to the kitchen door to go outside and tinkle. Now Mooch is trying to make up his hour of sleep while I am sitting here, doing a blog post, wondering how I lost that opportunity to sleep in because of this mutt...

I'd like to think I will die a heroic death, but I'ts more likely that I'll trip over one of my dogs in here and choke to death on a spoonful of frosting~!


Everybody have a Wonderful Week~!


  1. Well Mooch looks comfy on the rug and I know Steve was comfy on Fred's pillow.. I have the coveralls and the goggles here that I will bring with so we CAN dive to the bottom.. I will also bring a HOT PINK rope that we can tie us together ,cause I know your gonna get lost and I'll have to drag you out..Im still searching for a light for your porch..Have a wonderful next week..

  2. I love hearing about your animals. I'm a city girl, so I know nothing about chickens. I kinda feel bad for Henrietta, looking for her eggs. Gertie sounds like such a character! As for Oliver, I have always had cats, and I have never liked their "presents" they bring home. But they are so proud of themselves :-)) I don't understand daylight savings time and animals don't, either. My cat wakes me up to feed her, then she goes back to sleep, like Mooch!


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