Monday, November 3, 2014

Gertie has some little ones...

In my last blog post, I was complaining about how I miss my favorite chicken because she's been in the shop, under a concrete blanket, laying on a nest full of eggs.

I went over to do chores this morning and would you look at that ~

Gertie is off her nest with 3 little black chicks in tow...

Oh, the noise at the barn - 
She was happy to see me and she was happy to show off her little, black puff balls.

Of course, her being happy (and being noisy - it's Gertie - she's so, so, noisy) alerted every cat in the area that something marvelous had just taken place with the chickens. So, it was a quick abduction lifting the little, new cuties up and moving them over to the hen house - away from the stalking prey instincts of Oliver & Sammy the cats. Gertie didn't mind - she just followed me into the coop and made herself at home. 

Sammy & Oliver were sitting in the window watching the miracle unfold on the "outside" with no ability to get inside and harm the little chicks, thank heavens.

Gertie is a great Momma chicken and a happy Momma chicken. She is really puffed up and inflated like a great big turkey strutting her stuff today...

I'm happy she's back at the barn. I missed her noisy chatter in the mornings and I'm happy she was successful at Mommy Chicken-Hood ~ Yay~!


  1. How exciting...New babies!!!! Glad Gertie is such a good mom!!!! :)

  2. They are so tiny! Congrats to Gertie!


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