Friday, October 31, 2014

1949 Wedgewood Gas Cook Stove ~

I am happy to have this beautiful, old, cook stove in my kitchen~!

Isn't she in fabulous shape?

Have I ever divulged the fact that I LOVE these old cook stoves?

~~~ I Do~~~

I have been looking for a vintage stove like this. I have wanted either an O'Keefe & Merrit, a Wedgewood, or  a Tappan range in this kitchen since I moved into this house. 

Now, the kitchen looks like it was rebuilt around the old cook stove.
It looks like the cook stove has always been here. 
She fits in PERFECT~!

                 ~ Before~                                                                                   ~ After~
                                                                                                           (Without the clock)

One great thing about this old stove is the left side oven door is really pan storage.
With the prior electric stove in here, I had nowhere to put the cast iron pans and so, they just piled up on the little 'cookie sheet' cupboard to the left of the old electric range. 

I couldn't stack the cast iron in a cupboard, because these cupboards were not made to hold any kind of weight. I'm not sure if any new cupboards are made for cast iron cookware, are they?

Now, with the old Wedgewood, there's a place for the cast iron.

She's not a 'double oven,' but I didn't necessarily want a double oven. 
The only thing I wanted in an old range was a griddle and the griddle on this old Wedgewood is in fabulous condition.

About her only issue is the scratch where the enamel is missing along the bottom kick plate. That can be touched up later with some enamel touch up paint - or not -  it doesn't bother me and looks worse in pictures than in real life...

The 'non-profit' we bought her from had completely restored her. They even tore her down and had the whole interior re'dipped with enamel. There is some rust on the storage door and that's about it. The rest is in beautiful shape. She has new valves, new electrical components and all her pieces.

We bought her from a non profit organization that helps Traumatic Brain Injury men in Salt Lake City.

They are a great bunch of people and they done a fabulous job restoring this old stove...

She is charming~!

I especially love the shelf and the clock. 

This is definitely a fun, old stove...

I have no idea how to use the clock and timer, but aren't they awesome?
The green faces match the vintage teal on my kitchen walls under my chair rail.

And gosh, I nearly had a stroke when we got everything home and I was going through the boxes of carefully wrapped components. I couldn't find the clock - oh no, where's the clock?
I called the Man-Child and he wasn't sure. 
I searched his pickup - I looked in all the doors on the stove - Uh' Oh. Where did the clock go?

Well, it accidentally got misplaced and left behind - bummer...
I was sad~~~ =(
It's a long ways to Northern Utah...

The 'Man-Child' was taking some anchor bolts to Casper, WY the following Monday, so he routed himself through Northern Utah just to swing by in his semi and grab my clock.
Gosh, I love that man~ He takes pretty good care of me...


By Wednesday afternoon, I had the clock~ yay!

(Because, heaven forbid something happen. To replace the clock  is a minimum of $399 on ebay - ouch)

Guess what the most fabulous thing about this wonderful, old, restored cook stove is... 

<...........Drum Roll Please..........>

She only cost $180 and everything works~!!!

Thank you Beau and all the guys at 
"Community Services Development" 

Thank you for selling me such a beautiful stove.

You guys done a wonderful job restoring her and she looks beautiful in my kitchen~!

~And, thank you Beau for the beautiful antique mirror ~
This will be my next blog post, because it didn't end with this beauty. There was also an antique mirror that came along for the ride and found the perfect spot in my living room...


  1. I LOVE your old stove. They just made them better back then. Well, except for the cleaning part. :+))

  2. Just found your blog via the Vintage Inspiration Party at Knick of Time. I've been perusing your previous posts and found this one. LOVE the stove and what a bargain you got! You were lucky to find such a beauty! A little bit envious ;)

    1. She is a beautiful, old stove. This old rock farmhouse gets cold in the winter and it has an adjustable pilot light. I just turned it up a few notches for the winter and she keeps the kitchen quite warm now. I'll turn it back down in the Spring. And, bread tastes better cooked in it. I swear it~!
      I'm just absolutely in love with this old girl. I think I'll probably keep her FOREVER~!
      Thanks for stopping by - come back and visit anytime...


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