Saturday, May 10, 2014

The vintage chandelier ~ She aint what she used to be...

Do you remember the vintage chandelier from this blog post?
You have to scroll down through the mess of poor quality pics to find it...

Anyway, it's finished, it arrived and it's hanging in my bedroom.
~Although, not hooked up yet~

It started out a vintage, brass chandelier "Made in Spain"

Then, it went through a transformation to a 'French' looking chandelier by My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust owner ~ Debbie. 

Debbie had it in her warehouse and she sold it to me for my bedroom. Not only that, she had one of the arms repaired, painted it white to match my trim ~with her chalk paint dust of course ~ And, she also got me new, white candle sleeves to go with it. 

She didn't cut the candle sleeves (left it to me) and I had no idea where to start, so I turned it over to the 'Man-Child' and well, the easiest way to cut plastic candle sleeves it seems - is with a hand held pvc pipe cutter. 
In case you need that info in the future *wink* 

And it turned out stunning~!

And, it only took us 2 to 3 hours to figure out how to put all the crystals back on it.

I think there's a way this chandy came from Spain with it's crystals. Then, there's the way it looked after it's first cleaning. And then, it was just a crap shoot how the crystals got hung, after that... 

I don't think I have ever received a package so well wrapped and protected as this chandelier and crystals were. Debbie took extra care with it. I was stunned at how much attention she gave to my beautiful new light.

Do you know we had to bring in a ladder and a 2 x 4. We slid the 2 x 4 across 2 rungs on the ladder and screwed in a hook to hang this beauty and it still took us a long, long, time to get those crystals back on pretty. 
It looks so simple, right? 
Well, it wasn't...

I don't think there's a right way, or a wrong way to hang crystals on a chandelier, is there?

I'm guilty of not putting them all on. 
(Maybe, because I don't know how to...)

I think 'Less is More' sometimes.
(Of course I do, because I don't know where they all go?)

It is a beautiful, old, vintage chandelier that made its way all the way from Spain at some point in its life.

Kind of remarkable...
I wonder what kind of history is hidden in the life history of this light?

I'm so happy it found me~!

It matches my bedroom redo perfect and frankly, for what I paid for it ($120), it was less than a brand new light at a home improvement store. 

And, well, this old light has charm. 

It's not hooked up yet, it's just hanging here and that's ok - 

It's beautiful to look at and it matches this room PERFECT~!

And, thank you Debbie for selling it to me and doing such a beautiful repair and paint job on it before it shipped. 

I'm anxious to try your My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust
I think I'll use it on my old, antique door.
(That will be a future blog post~!)

Oh, and the pics would have been better, but I was trying my best to navigate a 'half-dressed - Man-Child" laying on the bed eating Doritos and squeaky cheese while watching an old black & white Western...
~Can't be too pushy when he did take the time to help me get the crystals on and hang it... ~

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  1. It looks gorgeous! Perfect for your room. I think that was a very good deal. I hope that beautiful crochet coverlet wasn't on the bed during the Dorito episode :-)) Also, it is YOUR chandelier, so I guess you can put crystals where ever you want, however you want. :-)


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