Friday, May 2, 2014

Galvanized Trough's...

I went wandering the other day and look what I found...

At first, I had no idea what I was going to do with them.
I just knew, I had to bring them home~!

They're large, but they are shallow, so using them as planters to hold flowers was doubtful. They do match my kitchen and I wasn't sure whether to leave them kind of shiny, or use some toilet cleaner to make them look old?

I say "them," because there are two...

Two, cute, galvanized troughs, in the kitchen.

One was a perfect solution to an ongoing issue... 

When the canisters were just sitting on the counter, sometimes when I would get sugar out and spill a little and then sometimes when somebody would miss the putting all of the water in the coffee pot, it would glue the sugar jar to the counter. 

Now, that problem is solved~!

And, it does look really cute holding my canisters...

The re-bar handles and legs are my favorite part.
They are so cute~!

Perhaps when the tulips are done, I'll fill the trough on the table with herbs and some seedlings for Spring?

I still can't decide whether to leave them as is, 
or make them look older...

What do you think?


  1. Would be adorable in the bathroom. but make it look old like the tin walls. Set on the vanity if there is room or put it on the old bench with some rolled up towels and bath stuff.
    Luv it

  2. I love these! So many uses for them, but I immediately thought of putting small succulents in them for outside. They usually have shallow root systems so this would be ideal. You might need to put really small gravel in the bottom for drainage, since they don't have holes. Have you seen the expensive landscapes made with succulents and rocks in a container, like a desert landscape in miniature? Of course they would be nice in the bathroom, like the previous lady said, if you have the counter space. It could hold little containers of things, kind of like the one in your kitchen. I like what you did with the one on the table.


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