Friday, May 16, 2014

Oscar & Oliver...

Have you ever met such cuteness?

Cuteness with claws~!

I would like to introduce you to "Oscar & Oliver"... 
The twin terrors that have moved into the shed.

Oh, don't they look so cute and sweet?

Trust me, that little fuzzy one there on the left is a terrorist~!
At first I thought he was an "Oliver" but Oliver is just way too mellow of a name for that little firecracker. His name is Oscar and he's definitely trouble...

Now, the little kitty with the black spots ~ He's quite mellow, tame and loveable, so he fits the name "Oliver" way better, but that furry one, I'm just not sure. He stalks me through the yard and attacks at will.

Oscar is even quite obstinate with the dogs.
Look how innocent he looks though...

Trust me he is NOT innocent AT ALL!
He's a little trouble maker all the way through...

The innocent one is "Oliver" - At least this week. I think it's to make up for his bi-polar brother "Oscar"...

What in the world have I gotten myself into this time?

No doubt...

But gosh, trouble can be fun~!

Poor Mooch is still undecided, of course...



  1. Adorable! They are so cute! Maybe Oscar has to be tough with all those bigger animals around. I've had cats around all my life and they are so fascinating. A vet once told me that psychologically cats are very similar to humans. :-) Great photos!

    1. Truthfully, I've never been very fond of cats... lol
      But, I get mice so bad in the winter without them...
      I had a little cutie show up last year that my grandson named "Milo" and she was the PERFECT CAT. Probably the only cat I ever got attached to. But, sadly, she disappeared about 6 weeks ago and I don't know what happened to her. It has broke my heart...
      So, my son in law's father had these 2 home wreckers and I figured if I got them really young (what was I thinking) and gave them through the summer to get adjusted, they might turn out good mousers in the winter?
      Kittens are so cute, but cuteness comes with a price. I have scratches all over me from their deviant ways, attacking me while I was weeding the flowers beds.

  2. P.S. Mooch looks so lovable!

    1. Mooch is~!
      He is definitely, the most affectionate dog I have ever owned ~~

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  4. Those are the cutest kitties I've ever seen. My hubby is the cat I showed him the photos! They are so fluffy and cute...especially against the chippy paint. Happy weekend my friend! Hugs!


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