Monday, March 17, 2014

Thinking, thinking, thinking... This bedroom is driving me MAD!

Oh, it's been a WINDY, overcast day today. 
So, I thought I would stay in and clean out my bedroom linen cabinet and of course, that led to the bedroom closet and now, I can't walk through the house... 

How does that happen?

How do we fit it all in the closet over time and then, when we take it out to clean it, de-hoard it, purge it and minimize it, we can't fit it back in, even after we've removed more than half?

Gosh, I have a lot of big furniture to move, 
before I can paint in here.
~It discourages me, because I have no help!~

Where do I move it, when I do find help?
I fear, it's just going to be a case of moving it out from the wall, painting, resting the paint over night and moving it back in the morning~~~

If I can get this painted, I can get the TV hung up on the wall over the window and out of the window.
I sure hope...

"Reality Check on Line 3, please~~~"

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Don't hold it against me that not everything is as it seems in my world - yes, my TV is sitting on my Bose surround sound system and jumbled up in me bedroom window ~ ey, ye, ye...

Another big problem I have ~~ 
This is a rock house - the walls are filled with rocks. 
There is no electrical outlets on any exterior walls. So, even if I get the TV up on the wall, how do I plug it in?

You might think, "Well - just add some electric boxes. But, what do I hang them on, rocks?"
There must be a solution?
Until such solution is found, f you notice under my linen cabinet, there is a fluorescent orange extension cord that snakes over to the television, that's currently sitting in the window... 

*Ya, I'm smart like that...*

And yes, that is a coffee table that my linen cabinet is perched on... lol

When I got the furniture, there were 2 coffee tables and I only have need for one.
So, the 'Man-Child' was going to take this one and split it in half (both sides are identical) and put a blank on the back of one half. Then, set the linen cabinet on it for a one-of-a-kind custom cabinet, that doesn't take up so much room... 

Someday, it will happen. Until such time, it's a birdcage linen cabinet sitting on a coffee table and that's ok too...

You want to know a secret ... 
It's beautiful and doesn't bother me at all this way~!

(And, in the left cupboard of the coffee table, you will find a stash of coffee - in the center, pushed to the back, you will find bottles of home bottled salsa and in the cupboard on the right, you will find a couple dozen jars of pickled carrots ~ Why, you ask? Because I can... )

Have I ever admitted to you that I'm a "Bedding Hoarder" 
among-st my other ailments?
Well, I am~!

And, it's also really hard to live in a 1 bedroom home with everything shoved in this one bedroom...

I dream of the day when I can access the other 2 bedrooms upstairs for my 'Bedding Hoarding" needs, of course~!

And, in the far right corner, we have the "Ohhh, La, La Chair..."

It's kind of dwarfed in size from the large pine furniture - actually, the vintage chair is full size, believe it, or not - the rest of the furniture is just HUGE... 

I've thought about moving it to one of the bedrooms upstairs, but it's where I put my shoes on in the morning.  And, where I put all my decorative pillows at night...

I would miss it, if I moved it...
It's such a beautiful, old, silk chair~!

(Sun came out for a brief second and landed a ray right on the chair~ yay...)
She's "Pretty," huh?

Now, to confess of my other problem...
(Biting my nails - embarrassed, laughing, wincing, I need a big ladder kind of anxious)

Whose brilliant idea was this?

Come on, step forward so I can thump you in the forehead with a bat~!

And, what do I do to fix this, any ideas?

I need a really TALL ladder - it's 10' up there~!!!

And, I see a basket hidden up there with the wrapping paper, assorted blankets, Coca Cola bottles and other mayhem... 

How do you suppose I'll paint that back wall? It's 10' up and 6' deep. My arms are not 6' in length - 
Do I crawl up there and lay up there and crawl around? 
I am just clueless here.

~Where is the 'Man-Child,' while I got the bat in my hand?~

It is nice storage, if you're a giant... 
(Maybe, a library ladder on a track around the closet?)
I'm only 5'2".... ='(


I can't even reach all of the baby diaper boxes full of pictures stuffed in the back of this storage area, without bringing a ladder across the highway from the 'Man-Child's' shop and using a broom to slide them out of the back corner...

Maybe, some old 'multi pane' windows on hinges, to hide the clutter?

Maybe, there's a used furniture store in town that has some pine bookcases on sale that sort of match my furniture? Well, they match enough to tear them apart and reconstruct something up here to hide this hole...

I need a plan of attack here???

What would you do with this 'not so well thought out' storage cavern?

~It's 10' from the floor to the top of the closet and then this cubby thingy is 2' high~

The good news is that the 'potential' is all here for this room to be FABULOUS in the end...

And, I think I've found this room a vintage, Spanish Chandelier...

It's in Southern Utah, but the gal that has it for sale is coming my way next week and will bring it with her if I choose to buy it.

What do you think?

Paint it white???

Leave the glass part clear glass???

Get some of those drippy silicone candle bulbs?

Hang it in the corner above the dresser, or perhaps above the 'Ooh, La, La, Chair" and finally take down the fan light that's stuck above my bed canopy, and throw it in the weeds... (=

Is a plan coming together, do you think?


  1. There's never enough storage no matter how big your house! But don't get rid of any lace or linens or put that chair away! haha! You have a lot to do to be able to paint! But you're a 'go getter' so you'll get 'er done....I'm sure of that! Sweet hugs!

  2. Love your chair! The chandelier looks gorgeous. I'm hoping all the drops are there and they are glass. I would like the glass clear. Wow! Your furniture is massive. That area above your closet is difficult. At ten feet, it is almost useless. But! We always need storage. A rolling tray would be nice since it is so deep, or 2 trays. With doors in front. Easier said, then done, I know. Love all your lace. You have made it a pretty room, even with all the challenges.


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