Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Rustic Flower Drying Rack...

I asked the "Man-Child" if he would make me a rack that would hang off the side of the refrigerator to dry flowers on...
And, he did~!

It didn't cost anything. I had the old vintage brass hooks from a previous salvage project and we have plenty of old barn wood around this old homestead.

He just simply hooked two boards together. One sits on top of the refrigerator and is slid under the old crates. The other hangs down the side of the refrigerator with brass hooks to hold the flowers.

The flowers are heavy when they're fresh, but once they dry out, they weight practically nothing.

 This was one of those simple ideas and a simple project, 
with a BIG IMPACT~!

I adore this rack - it has brought such a softness to our farmhouse kitchen...
It fits right in with all of the other decor.

And softens a huge black square, which is the side of the fridge...

 Such a simple addition (as well as functional!)

Yet, so pretty~!


  1. Such pretty drying flowers and I love the wood boxes in the background - and the keg. It makes such a pretty scene for us all to enjoy.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment.
      Actually, all of the wood crates and the vanilla keg are out of the cellar here. They had been in there forever and a day and I just loved them, so we brought them out to enjoy...

  2. Very pretty! I love your old scale too!


    1. Oh, that old scale was found in the garage here before we moved it.
      It was a great find ~ I love it...


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