Thursday, March 17, 2016

A change in the living room...

This one is the 'Man-Child's' fault...

There has been a change in the living room and I just adore it~!

On Sunday, the 'Man-Child' was surfing the internet and came across an ad for a beautiful couch and a loveseat set...  

The add read:

"Custom Sofa and Loveseat"
"Beautiful HIGH END CUSTOM Sofa/Loveseat set - Brocade Fabric with extremely comfortable DOWN cushions - Hand Carved Wood Frame. Extra Large and Extra Elegant for a formal setting. Purchased 10 years ago for $9,000.00. We are moving to a home that they will not fit in. Our loss is your gain...
$125.00 OBO"

I nearly fainted~!

I grabbed my phone and dialed the # and the seller still had the set ~ Oh, Yay~!!!

We scheduled the pickup appointment for Monday evening and the owner was nice enough to help load the set into our horse trailer too. It took us 2.5 hours travel time to get to the town where the furniture was located and the road trip there and back was a fun one, as always. We enjoyed the scenery all the way. It was a great adventure. And, the furniture is GORGEOUS, just as it appears and yes, it was only $125.00.
 (I'm still pinching myself...)

The sofa is in the living room now and the love seat, that came with it, is in storage for one of the upstairs bedrooms, if I ever really get stairs - it's so weird to live in a house with no stairs to the upstairs. But, I still dream someday I'll have those stairs~!
Until then...
I can sit on this beautiful, comfortable, dreamy sofa and dream about some stairs, right?

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  1. So pretty and it looks great in your living room!



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