Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Beautfiul 'Oopsie' Baby...

 I went over to do chores this morning and I could hear a little 'bah-ing'...
That sound always, always brings a big smile to my face... I had an 'Oopsie Baby' born healthy this morning - yay~!

I had a ewe we had to pull from the big herd last year because she got an infection in her bag. Thank heavens her twins she had last year were old enough to wean. Charlie (my alpaca) finished rearing her lambs for her. I used to laugh when I would walk out to water the herd and two young lambs were laying all over my alpaca. Charlie loves the sheep and he gets as excited about new lambs as I do. Anytime a little one needs a little extra loving, Charlie is right there to interfere - - -

Anyway, we pulled the ewe and put her over in the corrals with the ram.
She was in pretty poor condition and whatever infected her came on fast. She recovered quickly, thank heavens, but I knew I would be expecting an early little one. I was praying that her bag would recover and she could nurse this years offspring(s), because she's one of my registered ewe's from Oregon and one of my best moms.

I am grateful she only had a single lamb this year and not twins, or triplets. He is a huge buck lamb. He's very healthy and he's going to be tall like his daddy. He seems to be nursing ok, although her bag still looks 'wonky'. She has milk and that's good enough for him....

This is an early lamb for me - about 3 months earlier than regular lambing.
I'm very thankful he's a big healthy boy~!


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