Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A long distance French Bedroom redo...

My older sisters Birthday is coming up in October...
I texted her and asked her if she might be interested in a full 'linen' redo for her bedroom, as I'm sifting through 2 houses worth of hoarded vintage linens and notions, my house and the Man-Child's houses are full of my treasures. It's time to downsize, just a little (tiny, tiny, little...)

We texted back and forth as I was trying to get an idea of her taste, or what her bedroom currently looks like. I live in Central Utah. She lives in Albuquerque, NM - we're a ways apart and don't see each other very often.

From the information I've gleaned through our texting marathon, I've put together 2 different linen sets from my excess hoarded stash that I think she might appreciate.

Set # 1

Vintage Drapery Panels
This set includes a pair of heavy, vintage pleated drapes. They are a dusty green color with satin roses.
They would look beautiful with a pair of vintage lace sheers under them. They were a thrift store find for $5.00 for the set of 2.

Dusty Green / Rose Drapes = $5.00

 2 Homemade French Pillows
Thrift Store & Yardsale Find = $2.00 for 2 French textile pieces and $0.25 for the vintage rope edging. Plus, $0.25 each for 2 linen napkins that make up the backs of the pillows. The stuffing for the pillows was a $3 yardsale find.

French Pillows = $5.50
Standard Decorative Pillows
2, homemade Standard Sized Pillows made out of 2 vintage table cloths folded in half and stitched together. The table cloths were $0.50 each at a thrift store and the standard pillows stitched inside are a local motel liquidation of feather pillows that cost me $1 each. That's $1.50 each pillow`!

Vintage Pillows = $3.00

 Decorative Pillow
1 dusty green, satin throw pillow with rope edging.

Yard Sale Find = $1.00 

Vintage Bed Spread
And, a bed throw to go with the linen set, it's a vintage velveteen coverlet that I picked up at a yard sale for $3. I think it's a queen and she has a king size bed. She could acquire a beautiful mataleese quilt, or comforter and drape this beauty over the bottom of her bed. Or, she could re-create it into pillow shams, or something. 

Vintage Bed Coverlet = $3.00

 Total Cost of Vintage Bedroom Set # 1 = $17.50

~ Pretty Awesome Huh'?~ 


Set # 2 

 Vintage Pleated Linen Drapery Panels
This set includes a set of Vintage, linen pleated drapes. They're GORGEOUS. 
I picked them up at a thrift store for $5 - for the set of 2 panels.
I'm sure they're pricey in the right location, but I got lucky and found them for cheap~!

French Look Vintage Linen Drapes = $ 5.00

1 - Homemade Bolster Pillow
This large pillow is made out of a vintage linen/rayon, damask type table cloth I picked up at a thrift store for $3.00 and I've stuffed it with filling from a couple of used throw pillows that were $0.25 each and I'm crocheting around the edge of it with crocheted doily cotton from a thrift store for $0.25 a skein.
It's the size of 2 standard pillows and should rest nicely across her king size bed.

Bolster Pillow = $4.00

King Size Pillow Shams
 I'm including 2 king size pillow shams in this set. They're really good quality with rope edging and the grey color matches the grey in the draperies. Personally, I don't think they have ever been used. They look new. They were $1 for the set at a yardsale.

2 - King Size Satin Pillow Shams with rope edging = $1.00

Miscellaneous Items
 And, for this set, I'm including some odds and ends I've picked up for dimes and nickels, so $0.50 of various items and a $3.00 crocheted shawl I acquired at a thrift store. She can drape it at the foot of her bed, or throw it over some pillows, or something. 
The fringe is yummy!

 Miscellaneous, including a shawl = $3.50

A Vintage King Sized, Cotton Chenille Bedspread
I picked this big gem up at a yardsale up the road from me for $10.00
The elderly lady I bought it from was being put in a rest home and they were selling her house. She told me that she only used it a couple of times. I only used it a couple of times. It will make a perfect coverlet over a plush and thick comforter. It's a dusty/peachy pink color and looks beautiful with those lovely vintage drapes.

Vintage, Cotton Chenille Bedspread = $10.00

 Total Cost of Vintage Bedroom Set # 2 = $23.50


 Total cost for a fabulous Birthday present consisting of 2 vintage bedroom linen sets, including drapes = 

$ 41.00 + shipping~!

<Shipping is yet to be decided...>

I hope she enjoys these treasures as much I did when she receives them...

Now, I have to figure out the best way to ship this gift to Albuquerque... 
Do you have any great ideas; UPS, USPS?


  1. Love them both! Did you send her both or let her choose? Love your blog and I stalk it all the time for new posts.

    1. Hi Sue -
      I love stalkers (as long as they're not armed!)
      ~Welcome to Lace Crazy...~
      I sent her both. And then, I seen her in person and gave her more.
      I'm a bedding hoarder and I love to share it...
      Have a Great Afternoon~!

  2. Nice post. I love your pillows and drapes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Replies
    1. I appreciate you stopping by...
      Thanks for the visit~!


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