Wednesday, October 21, 2015

And all at once Summer collapsed into Fall...

It has been crazy around here...

 The ending of a Summer and beginning of Autumn makes us rush. We're in a hurry to get it all done before the snow comes. This year, Central Utah is experiencing an "Indian Summer," complete with a huge flock of doves that have taken up residence and peek at me through the windows.

The kitty's are starting to snuggle together on the patio furniture in the mornings to share their warmth...


Charlie has found (and is packing around) every cocklebur he comes across in the pasture.
He's starting to resemble a porcupine... 

~They're all a little nosy some mornings~

The 'Man-Child' acquired a silver, lambskin rug for the bathroom, because he fell in love with the vintage one we drug home for Mooch...

And Mooch adopted the bathroom rug too - - -
And had to have an early Autumn shave because he decided to kill a skunk that came into the yard...

I got some of my Autumn decor out...

The Scarecrow's have arrived once again~!
(More to come on this subject soon =)

Our daughter brought her 2 little boys over for dinner and took the baby out to visit the horses.
He is just fascinated with them~!

~It would help if the picture taker didn't aim right into the sun~ sigh ~

We had our oldest little 4-year old Grandson for a Sunday, to help us fix a fence in our lower pasture that the elk keep knocking down.

He was playing in the hay field, pretending he was crossing bridges and lady bug hunting.
When we finished the fencing, we took him up the canyon to see the fall leaves, a real bridge that crosses a stream and we stopped so he could throw rocks in the creek with Grandpa (The Man-Child).

When we got back to the house and before we took him home, he helped Grandpa dig up some French Fingerling potatoes and other late harvest goodies to take home for his dinner...

 And then, as if someone pushed a button, all of a sudden, our Indian Summer collapsed into Fall...
(And it has been raining for 7 days straight~!)


  1. So happy to see you back! Did your sister like her bedding?

    1. Oops just saw you already answered me! Your sister is a lucky girl! The bedding was beautiful!

  2. Oh those pictures are so lovely! So sweet of you.


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