Monday, August 24, 2015

An Antique Bird Cage...

Once in awhile, we run into that unique piece that just takes our breath away~~~

That happened to me last Wednesday. I came across a 'for sale' add, that hadn't been online too long, for an antique bird cage and stand.

Of course I called and made the deal. I was a little perplexed at how, or why I even came across the add, but sometimes the Universe just sends things our way ~ if we're paying attention...

 The Universe was so punctual with this piece that even though it was a couple of hours North of me, the 'Man-Child' would be coming through that very area later that evening, in his semi. So, the seller told me he would meet the 'Man-Child' at the nearest truck stop and exchange the cash, for the goodies... 
So convenient for me~!

The seller had used the antique bird cage as a display piece on his deck for nearly 40 + years and it showed the age and weathering in the sale pictures...

It also had a few broken spindles, but remarkably, he had saved all the wooden pieces...
It just needed minor repair.

So, Wednesday evening, the 'Man-Child' swung into the truck stop and exchanged the cash, for the goods. 

This beautiful Antique Bird Cage only cost $40 ~ 
(I'm not missing a zero - 2, $20 bills)
It was a steal~!!!

I'm still trying to comprehend it and I'm still pinching myself~!

Then, the biggest obstacle was getting the beast home, as it was really tall and wide, even taken apart into pieces.... 

It required some skill, that's for sure and the 'Man Child' met the challenge.

And I nearly fainted when I seen that it arrived tucked between some bundles of building materials on the deck of his flatbed trailer~ 


It just wouldn't fit anywhere inside the truck, so he he had to get resourceful ~ and thank heavens he was delicate...

Once he was in possession, he drove straight home without stopping. He knew this was valuable cargo. He was absolutely dumbfounded at what I paid for my new find...
It really is hard to believe that it was only, "Forty Dollars..."

It arrived in great condition and as soon as I heard the semi pull in, I went running over to survey my prize.


I was truly speechless at this new acquisition and the scale of the thing was indeed bigger than I had envisioned and expected. I was surprisingly shocked and a bit horrified to see him unstrapping it from the deck of the flatbed... 
Oh my~~~~

 The next morning, we started the repairs and it was in desperate need of a wood conditioner and some oil. The 'Man-Child' used a Dremel and some wooden shish-kabob skewers, some wood glue and some patience to repair it.

 He used a really tiny Dremel bit and drilled a hole in the center of the broke off wood spire and another hole in the end of the piece still attached to the bird cage.Then, he put in wood glue, stuck in a skewer and cut it off a bit long so he could do the same on the other side to give it some stability. He then wired it all tight so it could dry and cure. Then he used some brass brads - he cut the ends off, drilled a few holes where repairs were needed and things needed re-attached and he slid the brads in the holes with some wood glue - to pin the thing solid. 

It took a few hours to piece it all back together, but it was definitely a project worth saving.

 We conditioned the stand and bird cage with a product called "Watco Rejuvenating Oil" 
from Home Depot. It took 4 cans.

 I used an old paint brush to paint it on. The wood was so dry that using a rag to apply it was futile.
~I love Watco Rejuvenate on antique wood items. It brings them back to life...~

We let the rejuvenating oil dry overnight and the next day, I soaked the whole thing with a thick, brushed on layer of  "Howards Feed & Wax" from Home Depot. And, that really brought some moisture back to the wood. Enough moisture that it's evident that this beauty is mahogany . 
Actually, the supplies to save this bird cage cost us more than it did ~ go figure...
But, it's GORGEOUS~!

We have planned a greenhouse / garden room off the South side of the house. This big beauty will definitely be the center star of that room. But, until then, she's sitting in the entryway awaiting a permanent location...

She was definitely one of those, "Once in a Lifetime" type of finds...

And would you believe that I owned one of those large hurricane lamps from a 'prior yardsale acquisition...' Anyway, I was looking through a local facebook, yardsale page 2 weeks ago and a lady had its twin for free. She was moving and just needed someone to come and get it out of her way. I was happy to. Now, I have a matched pair for the vintage buffet.

Happy Treasure Hunting~!




  1. Jen - That is the most beautiful birdcage I have ever seen! And what a buy! I love birdcages but have never seen one quite like this one. Great find!



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