Friday, May 22, 2015

Repurpose an old linen into a "Possible's Bag"...

I'm such a vintage linen hoarder that sometimes, I have to figure out a way to re-purpose some of them for use, or they just keep adding up.

I often come across embroidered runners for dressers, or curio cabinets. I appreciate the work that went into the embroidery on them and I know somebody once cherished them. It's in some ways a shame to get them for a quarter, or fifty cents, but who could walk past such a treasure?

Folding them into a linen cabinet does me no good and sometimes, well, I just need a bag - like a 'yah bag,; or what I call a "Possibles Bag..."

It's possible to put anything in them...
If I'm going on the truck with the "Man-Child," I stuff one full of my clothes, a hair brush and my wallet.

If I'm picking squash, or carrots in the garden, it's easy to stuff one full for a neighbor. 

What a fun thing to get in the mail full of get well treasures, or on a Birthday, full of farm fresh eggs, pickled beets and a homemade loaf of bread with honey butter.

And, I actually just use vintage thrift store sheets, or perhaps a panel of a beautiful thrifted curtain I find, for pennies while treasure hunting, to make the insert, the back and the straps...

I figure in total, they only cost a couple of dollars each, if that and they only take a few minutes to sew together.

If you cut the embroidered runners in half, they make 2 bags...
I sew up a stack and then I can use them in a pinch, to deliver something important to somebody important who will appreciate their beauty.
It's easy to get creative with a stack of linens and a stack of old thrifted curtains.

And, if you're lucky enough to browse through an antique's shop that has cutter lace and linen's for only a few pennies - then your imagination and the sky is your only limit~!

There's always a possible's bag in a piece of cutter lace and some feed sack fabric...

What a perfect 'heavyweight' combination - feed sack size - to take a couple of bottles of wine to a casual dinner, a gift for the hostess, or bring some cucumbers and zucchini to a neighbor, or keep on your shoulder to fill with goodies at your local farmers market. 

The possibilities for a "Possible's Bag" are endless~~~
And, it's really fun to put the old linens to a re-purposed, new use.

There are many things to be made out of a stash of embroidered treasures. It's fun to create 'useable' things, so the needle work can be enjoyed.





  1. Jen,
    This post could have been mine, lol! I have done exactly the same thing. I love that you call them "possibles" bags because as you know the possibilities are endless! These bags are so swet! It is so nice to put these beautiful linens to good use. I have a large stack staring at me right now as I type!
    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Great minds think alike~!
      I just love using them because they're so unique and pretty.
      They're definitely "Possible's Bags" - the possibilities are endless~!
      Enjoy re-purposing that 'large stack staring at you.'

  2. oops sorry about the typo, I meant sweet not swet!

    1. No worries - they can be sweaty, or sweet - anything is possible... lol
      *kidding* thanks for the smile...

  3. This is such a wonderful idea! I need to sort through my pretties and see what I can use for bags. You are so talented and such a generous soul! Enjoy your weekend sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

    1. Hello my sweet friend~!
      I hope you are doing well... It's good to hear from you.
      I hope you enjoy your weekend also~!


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