Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A 1913 Slide Front Lunch Box...

On March 21, we went to my Grandfather's Birthday party in Northern Utah.

He turned 90 this year~!

Turning 90 is a remarkable thing, but what on earth does a Granddaughter get a Grandfather for a 90 year old affair?

Well, I made him something homemade, of course!
 He received a fresh loaf of homemade banana bread. A fresh loaf of homemade lemon zucchini bread. Homemade peach jam and some homemade rolls...

The morning of the baking marathon I received my new motor carrier CSA manual in the mail. The monstrosity is enormous, but the box it came in was perfect for this gift~!

I had an old book from the thrift store, so while the bread was baking I covered the box with old book pages and brown butcher paper to hide the label on the cardboard.

I added some printed off vintage looking labels, wrapped the homemade loaves in brown butcher paper with handwritten labels and tied it all up with some black and white vintage string...

A birthday card didn't seem fitting for such a milestone in one's life, so I wrote a greeting and birthday wish with a black magic marker on top. I then added some raffia and more vintage string and a cute vintage birthday gift for a 90 year old Grandfather was created out of thin air...

While we were in Northern Utah, we snuck in some antiquing and the 'Man Child' found a 1913 slide front lunch box. It is a cute acquisition. At one time, it would have housed a cute little thermos with a cork lid, but no thermos was to be found...

I have another idea for the antique lunch box when Spring decorating is through. 
Right now, its slid open just a bit, with a bird nest inside. It looks cute in the copper boiler, on the antique trunk by the kitchen door.

 We also found some vintage cast aluminum stair case parts and pieces for the staircase planning.  
Those were quite a find. I'll show them in another blog post soon. Those were found at the Capital City Antique Mall in Salt Lake City. I think that's my new favorite antique store. 

We also found these cute little cuties...
They are little, vintage, green wire topped wooden berry crates. 
Can you believe they were only $0.50 each ~ heck-of-a find. 

They'll get lots of use this summer with 'its & bits' from the garden.  Those vintage green wire rims match all the vintage green thing-a-ma-jigs in my kitchen~ yay!

The 'Man-Child and I had an awesome Saturday -date day- a few weekends ago and it has been non-stop insane around here since~ 

The following week he made a trip in the semi to Billings, MT - to his favorite antique store of all antique store's and you'll just have to wait to see what treasure's he drug home to me from 3 states away - the hint is that it involve shiny white, enamal covered things like old 'fridge boxes'~~~

~So stay tuned...

"A complete reevaluation takes place in your physical and mental being when you've laughed and had some fun."
~Cathrine Ponder~


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  1. Very nice gift for your Grandfather! Looking forward to seeing Fred's find! :)



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