Monday, March 16, 2015

Vintage Pillow Shams...

I  rode with the Man-Child on the semi last Friday to Cedar City, Utah. On our way back home, he stopped in Beaver, UT and let me browse and peruse the antique store there.I didn't even know Beaver had an antique store until a few weeks ago. I never make it to that side of town, I always turn to go to the cheese factory before the antique store...

Upstairs in this old house bedroom, I found these beautiful vintage pillow shams. They're in excellent condition.

They are a beautiful pattern and a nice old ecru color that matches nearly anything I want to put them with.

The little tag inside said, "Dry Clean Only," so of course I ran home and shoved them in the washer to soak and then, I washed them and hung them up to drip dry.

No, I wasn't going to pay to dry clean a set of old pillow shams that only cost me `Five Bucks' - Pretty neat find for a few dollars.

Just when I think I have haorded enough crocheted, fringed and lace and linen bedding, another beauty pops up and comes home with me. Gosh, even those crocheted burgundy throw pillows were only $3 at a yard sale.

They are pretty and there was nothing that happened by washing them, except that now they're clean...

And how do you like that burgundy bed skirt?

Well, it's a twin velvet/poly blend bedspread I acquired for $1 and I just cut it in half, hemmed it and tucked it in between my matress and platform.

I wonder if the Man-Child feels like a duck in a new pond every time he gets home because I change the bedding in this room so much?

Do you think men even notice such things?

This was Saturday and she's already re-adorned another color...
I need to join bed covers anonymous, or something. I have such issues~!

If you are an antique'r - check the closets in the old antique stores if allowed. 
(The antique stores in the old houses)
That's where I seem to find all my crocheted treasures~
*Wink - Wink*


  1. Such lovely shams! And I love the fact that you use your crocheted spreads! I have some, but don't use them. The cats seem to find my bed is THE place to sleep when it's made up nicely. I'm not brave enough yet to throw them into the washer. Maybe, with the advent of open windows where they can lounge instead of the bed, I'll put some on for the summer. ~ Linda K.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Linda~!
    The owner of an antique store (she's 90 this year) let me in on a little secret long ago. If you use your crocheted coverlets and crocheted doily's and such the oils in your hands will keep them supple. If you stash them away, they get stiff and fragile. So, I use mine and pet mine all the time...
    Cats and nice linens are not good bedfellows -
    I have Oliver (my big hairy white cat that lives with the chickens). Oliver sleeps in the house, but I have him trained to run in the door - get a drink in the kitchen and then he wanders in to my bedroom to a kennel I keep him in. He has no inside freedom because he's bad. He used to terrorize all my fringe if he snuck in. I'm not a big indoor cat fan, but he does have his own pad indoors. It just has bars - =D
    Maybe hang a beauty off a piece of furniture, up higher than the kitty's, so you can enjoy it and pet it often ~
    I'll bet your crocheted coverlets are beautiful. I do machine wash my crocheted items and coverlets, I just use the hand-wash setting and then hang them up to dry. Never put them in the dryer~!

    1. Hello Jen!
      I've taken your advice & have been using my crocheted coverlets....with hand knitted blankies for the felines to use! I'ave also been searching, in vain for a crocheted bedskirt. This morning, while changing the bedding, brilliance struck! Why not use a larger coverlet as a bedskirt?! Off came the mattress & on went one of my stained coverlets. How lovely it looks. I'm doing the Happy Dance this morning. Tahnk you for inspiring me to use my 'lovelies'!
      ~ Linda K.

  3. I love the mix of purple with the ecru and then the shabby chic flowers! You have such beautiful style. I love pretty bed linens. Happy Spring sweet lady! Hugs, Diane


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