Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A 1950's Vintage Kenmore Maid-O-Matic...

I think she's 'Drool Worthy'...

I ran across this beautiful, vintage green, Kenmore Maid-O-Matic at a second hand store in Utah.

She's in beautiful condition and if I didn't already have my old  1949 Wedgewood Cook Stove, I would have definitely brought this beauty home.

The owner of the shop said everything on her works perfect and she even has a rotisserie on the left side.
She has a little rust on the interior oven rack area, but that's certainly expected for her age. 

Her price tag is $275.00 ~ wow!
It was hard to walk away...

The fun part about the asking price is that she's held her value all these years.

What another beautiful vintage cook stove~!
~My 'law of attraction' with these old work horses certainly astounds...~

Anybody need a stove???



  1. wow! I have one just like it in white!! Its in my garage..any buyers out there please let me know!!

  2. Does anybody still have their maidomatic stoves for sale 307-203-2109


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