Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Farmhouse Kitchen Decor...

My inspiration for my 'Spring Kitchen Decor' this year started with the Old, Rusty, Bed Spring Wreath that I made at the end of January...

I had a few leftover rusty springs and a couple of chicken nests at our barn gave me ideas for homemade nests to go with my rusty spring decor.

I keep a 5 gallon bucket full of dried flowers and cannibalized thrift store floral's in one of the sheds.
It's full of old angel vine wreaths - moss - Spanish moss - dried flowers and all sorts of nest materials.
How do you make a nest? 
One might ask...

They are EASY~!

With a few natural items like moss and Spanish moss and twigs, you just play around with it until it meets your approval. 

I tore an angel vine wreath apart and used the bendable twigs to form the shell and then I simply filled the twig-nest-shells with some Spanish moss and dried flowers and some old green moss out of a flower pot outside.We have an old, cedar shake roof on the house that has been here many, many moons. It has these little moss circles growing on it that blow off in the wind. I walked around the place collecting the little moss cast offs and added them to my nest decor too.

You can make a nest out of anything natural, I would think...
Collecting the items is most of the fun.

To make the decor my own, instead of just Spring nest's for my Spring fever, I added the left over rusty Springs here and there to coordinate with the rusty bed spring wreath on the kitchen door.

Inspiration also came from a couple of new acquisitions last Friday at one of my favorite antique stores in Levan, UT. 
I think it's called, "The Old Country Store"? 

They have the word 'rustic' mastered. 

She usually has a great selection of white enamelware too, but she has been liquidated~!
Oh, the horror...
I was so depressed ~~~ =(

I was really in the mood for a new piece of enamelware... 
How could somebody have bought it all? 

Why would they do that to me???

I looked up at the ceiling in sure disgust and spied a beauty up on the top shelf - it was way up there calling to me ~
"Jen... Oh, Jen... Look up here... Ya, here I am, ready to go home with you..."

And I turned to walk away and another item started heckling me from the West...

Good Lord, what is a blonde woman to do except go find the 'Man-Child' and his wallet, as I had left mine in the truck~!

The piece I knew I had to have was this copper apothecary scale. It has brass and bronze upper pieces with brass chains and a hammered copper bowl. Rarely have I seen them with all their pieces. 

I didn't even have to ask and the 'Man-Child' had already scooped it up and had it on the counter for payment. We think alike and love the same rustic things...

The scale is hanging in a kitchen corner with a bundle of dried lavender and a homemade nest and eggs in the bowl. It completed an empty spot in the kitchen that I needed to fill with something unique.

But, there was that other item, way up high...
Oh, could I really leave it behind?


It was a huge copper boiler with a perfect lid. Most of the ones I see have no lid, or they're just completely beat up. This one was rustic and used, but in wonderful shape. I pointed to it and the 'Man-Child' carefully lifted it down and took it over the counter to pay for it too...

It's currently sitting on the antique steamer trunk with its lid tucked in behind it. It has spring flowers and bird nests and my old milk pitcher tucked inside.

So, aside from the new antiques, it cost me nothing to decorate my kitchen for Spring this year.
I had a basket full of wooden eggs in multiple farmhouse colors that I used in all of the nests. I switched some farmhouse decor items around and freshen'd colors up for Spring...

If you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own it will never happen.

If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new, you are missing the point.

It is the old, the new, the made, the hand-me-down, the collected, the worn (but loved) things in your home that make it your own.

But, please clean up the mess when you're done being creative~!

And smile when you go to bed that you've made your house your home...

I think Spring has finally Sprung~!
~At least here in Central Utah...~


  1. Absolutely love all your pics, they hold the promise of spring! I just adore your spring wreath, possibly one of the most genius ideas I have seen in some time!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Diva -
      The Springs are fun to play with, once you extract them from the frame - that's the real project is just getting them off...

  2. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me to start spring decorating. I am also going to "steal" your idea for putting flowers in the meat grinder. We have two that are next to each other and I have always thought I like them but something is missing. Flowers! Now I will love them thanks to you. Again thanks for sharing. Tracy

    1. That meat grinder floral evened out a crooked counter top in the kitchen. And, it's fun to change the flowers out for the seasons... I hope your Spring decor turns out beautiful and gives you 'Spring Fever'~!

  3. I love your kitchen décor! I've slacked off of decorating but you have inspired me with these kitchen pics!


    1. Well lets see it when you're done Melinda~!
      I go through streaks too. I'm still wondering if I'll ever get my bedroom finished - gawwwwwwwwwww!
      (It's a lack of muscle to help move the furniture - sigh...)
      Have a Fabulous Week~!


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