Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Wild Imagination... Victorian Mantel Crown?

Have you ever met anybody with a crazy, wild, out of this world imagination?

They can stand and look at something benign and come up with the damndest things~!

I am one of those 'damndest things' type of crazy people...

Hence my newest acquisition ~ 

So, I'm talking with the store owner about life and things. I look to my left and drool starts running out of the left corner of my mouth. She asks me if I'm ok and I just shake my head up and down in a 'yes' motion. It's that 'Crazy Imagination' that took hold. I can just see this as a Victorian mantel crown and I'll have the 'Man-Child' make me a custom made fireplace surround to go under it for the big bedroom upstairs. 

No, I didn't purchase the old tackle boxes full of vintage tackle, or the pottery dish in the center, or the south western blanket in front. I did however jump at the opportunity to open my wallet and pay for this beautiful old piece of mirrored lusciousness...

It's still in the used furniture store - are you kidding, I don't trust myself driving around with straw in the back of the dodge, much less that many mirrors~!

I'm not sure whether to go retrieve it with help, or have it delivered...

Once it's built in, I figure we'll put a mirror in the back of the faux fire box - or tile it like someone took the fireplace out. Then, do a small tile mantel in the front of the faux fireplace and put a little, natural gas parlor stove. There's no way to put a real fireplace in upstairs and we need a heater up there, so why not get creative, right? 

Then, I'll paint it and antique it all chippy and shabby...

Do you really want to know what I'm thinking?
Go take a peek at my Pinterest page on the crazy thought that's racing through my mind for this piece...

What do you think?


We got it home and got it hung up on the wall temporarily in the living room, until the stairway is complete to get it upstairs and Holy Hannah, it's huge~!

When the victorian fireplace surround is completed, it will then get a really chippy, shabby coat - of a shade of white paint - and the newel posts for the stairs will be painted the same shade. 

Right now, I'm thrilled she's home and hanging up so she doesn't get any of those beautiful, vintage, beveled and flecked mirrors broke~!


  1. What an interesting piece. Looks huge! Have fun wrestling that home. And I can see your vision with it. Good luck!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  2. l'd have opened my purse for that too, it's a fantastic piece, and will look awesome with a fireplace to show it off.


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