Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Vintage Demi-Lune Ram's Head Table...

The 'Man-Child and I went to the furniture store last Friday to retrieve the large, vintage mirror for the Victorian Fireplace Mantel for the upstairs. Once it was loaded into the horse trailer and secured, he wanted to walk back into the store and peek around.

He was admiring a small table and mirror set that was highly carved and kind of Asian looking and as I navigated around some used furniture to get a closer look, I spied this little beauty hiding amongst the cluster of furniture, buried against the wall...

It's intricately carved with ram's heads and we think it's made out of black walnut.

The center spindle is certainly not original to the piece, but I'm quite certain that the black marble top is.

 My initial thought was to bring it home - store it somewhere and use it for a lamp table in the living room later, when the living room addition is finally complete.

But, it looks really pretty under the bathroom window. 
It sort of goes with the custom, vintage vanity the 'Man-Child' installed in the room.

I love the table, but I'm not a big fan of the black marble top. 
It's clashy against the rusty currogate on the walls. 

I'm thinking I'll have the 'Man-Child' cut me out a piece of wood the shape of the marble and paint it, to match the towel cabinet while it's in here.

I'll save the black marble top in the closet, but I think a blue top like the cabinet will make it match better and customize it for this room.

Right now, I'm loving it right under this window...
It makes the bathroom look "High-Dollar" and yet I'm still under $1,000 for the whole bathroom remodel and redo...

 Could this be a 'French Demi-Lune Table?'
I'm thinking about 1920's, although the Man-Child thinks it may be older.
Can anybody shed a little light on this cute little table for me?

~This room is difficult to get pics of with the big window...=(
The blue casts off everything at different times of the day and night and can make things look yellow...

But, it's sure a pretty room~!

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  1. I see why you brought it home it's beautiful! It goes really well in the bathroom, why store it when you can use it!!! By the way is your tissue basket an old oyster basket? Popped over from My Salvaged Treasures link party. Best ~ Mickie.

    1. Hi Mickie -
      Thanks for stopping by... You know, I got the basket at an antique store and he told me it was an egg gathering basket which I knew to be incorrect. It's way too heavy to have been used for any kind of eggs. I'll bet you nailed it~!
      I'll bet it is an oyster basket just by the way it is constructed. It's heavy too~
      Thanks for solving that mystery for me. I'm glad you stopped by~!

  2. The little table is perfect next to the window. I love that bathroom. And I truly love those curtains? Did you make them, buy them,.....?
    ~ Linda K.

  3. Hi Linda -
    Thanks for stopping by...
    I custom made the curtains for this room out of some vintage valances my best friend sent form WI and a set of rubber back vintage panels I bought at a thrift store. You can read about it if you copy & paste this link:
    Have a Wonderful Day~!

  4. The table is beautiful Jen and looks right at home in your bath! I'm no help on it's history. Just know that it's a keeper!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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