Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Peek at my Week - January 20, 2015...

It feels like Spring has sprung here in Central Utah.

 Of course, it may just be the January thaw?

I've been walking every morning after I feed the critters. 
The brush ground above us is the perfect place to take a morning hike...

There has been something 'amiss' at my barn...

I've been trying to figure it out all week and this morning, it revealed itself. 
A little stray kitty has been hiding in the junk pile.

I've also noticed that Oliver has been spending most of his time on the roof of the barn catching little birds. When he gets one, he has been disappearing into the barn with it.

I asked if the other animals knew this 'courting' was going on?

All I got were blank stares...

I asked my lead ewe "Missy" how long they have been harboring this stranger?

She just hung her head in shame...

I tracked down Gertrude and asked her, "What do you know?"
Gerty babbled on and on and on and on, as expected...

But, until chickens have lips, I have no clue what she was saying.

Gerty will tell me whatever I wish to know for a grape. Even though I don't speak "Chicken" and even though she's been known to lie...

I then went over to interrogate my resident alpaca. 
Since when is Charlie camera shy? 

Even he was avoiding all eye contact,,,

 No doubt, these creatures have been aware of this little kitty for some time. 
They were just doing their best to hide her out. 

So, I done what I always do ~ 

I walked back down to the house and filled a coffee can full of kitty food. Then, I walked back over to the barn and assigned the new arrival her own dish...


Everybody have a WONDERFUL WEEK~!


  1. This was so cute! You have a great imagination! I love your blog and all the pics of your home and landscaping.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sue -
      All of my critters are characters. They all talk - They all hide secrets too!
      Glad to report the little kitty is doing wonderful. I even caught her sneaking with Oliver over to the shed by the house this afternoon. I'm glad Oliver isn't a lonely kitty anymore and that this little stray has chosen a good home.
      Come back and visit anytime...

  2. You have a soft heart. Thank goodness for people like you! This was a darling post, with the photos co ordinating with the story.


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