Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A beautiful doily coverlet and some vintage linens...

Isn't it pretty?

Our local antique store owner visited another estate sale over the Holiday's and brought this treasure back with her. It's very long. I believe it's a twin, but with its length, it will be beautiful on the bottom of any of my beds.

She kept it hid out in the secret closet for me, until I could get there to retrieve it...
The 'Secret Closet' is really a closet in the old house where the antique store is located. It's chock full of treasures being held for the natives she knows. The 'Secret Closet' is my favorite closet ever. It's like the wardrobe in the book, "The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe," only it's full of antique wonderfullness.

This coverlet is amazing...

It fits nicely in my piles of other hoarded, antique, crocheted coverlets. I may just have the Western World's largest collection of antique bedding, but I'm scared to get it all out at one time and see...

I'm scared to face my obsession all at once~ 


I also bought a full Rogers Victorian Rose silverware set and an old vintage anchor hocking syrup dispenser that I desperately needed for the kitchen.

Would you believe I've never had a matching set of silverware?

I'm like the patchwork silverware goddess, or queen. We laugh about it at every holiday. It's because I'm so picky. I've had the same, antique, mis-matched rogers silverware for most of my adult life. I like the size and weight of the antique, albeit mis-matched pieces. Oh, trust me, if I could ever have found a full set, I would have bought a full set, but all I could ever find was a couple pieces of this one and that one and another one, so I just made due.

Now that I have a matched set. It's really strange to do the dishes~!
<Whose kitchen is this with the matching silverware ~ he, he>

When we got done at the antique store, we stopped into the local thrift store and hit a 'Jen Jackpot'...
~Ya, the Man-Child was along for the hunt. He don't mind. He has great taste~

Someone must have cleaned out Grandma's closet and thrifted it over the holidays...

There were matching sets of embroidered pillowcases and lots of vintage linens. Of course, I loaded up!
I figure I can crochet a cotton edge around the pillowcases and gift them, or use them upstairs in the bedrooms, when I get stairs, of course... 

We're getting closer to  getting stairs put in to the upstairs bedrooms.
~Well, at least, we've finally decided where to put them~ Yay!~

How could anybody walk away from matching, embroidered pillowcases for $2 a set ($1 each)?
They were dusty from being stored, but an overnight soak in some Oxyclean brought them back to crisp white and new / unused.

There were a few other random linens I bought too...

I think, I'll turn the butterfly piece into 2 quilt blocks and salvage the lace edging. 
And, I'm thinking about turning the bottom, linen one, into a bolster pillow. 

The bottom linen piece is gorgeous~!

It's a hand embroidered piece of really heavy linen cloth. 

I think, I'll fold it in half and stuff it. Then, I'll crochet around the edges with doily cotton in the same color. 

Can you believe it was only $1 ~ ?

I even came out of the thrift store with a really pretty burgundy berry wreath for 3 quarters... ($0.75)

It's a nice change on the kitchen table now that all of Christmas is tucked safely away for next year.

When I put Christmas away, I took some time to change the living room curtains for a few months...
Having full size lace panels and some balloon lace valances in the entryway brightened up the whole room. 
But, it instantly went Victorian, so I'm undecided.

It sure made a great backdrop for a pretty picture though...

I hope you have a "Beautiful Week~!"


  1. I'll say it's pretty! I would have snatched up everything in your photos, and I cannot believe how low the prices are. Amazing finds! Does that store have an online site?

    1. I don't think they sell online Linda.~
      It's a thrift chain in Utah called Deseret Industries and it's owned by the Mormon Church. They get some awesome stuff sometimes.

  2. The linens are all beautiful! I love the pillowcases....WOW! What great deals! Happy New year my friend! Hugs!

  3. I'm having heart palpitations over here. :-)) What fabulous finds! I love the coverlet, and the pillowcases, and that linen piece is divine. I love old lace and linens, too. Just think of yourself as a conservator, like on American Pickers. Only instead of signs and bikes and metal stuff, you save needleworks. Right? I love mismatched silverware, as long as it is the nice, older pieces, silver or sterling. But a set is nice, too. Love your new table decoration, and the lace curtains, well, you can guess how I feel about those!


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