Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Simple Rustic Christmas Tree...

I drug the old Pennzoil can in for the tree stand again this year. I used the top of one of the artificial trees in the shed. It's one that doesn't need each branch put in the trunk. 

It's very rustic and very simple...

I used thrift store lace to tie some lace bows. 
I tucked some floral pics from the dollar store in, around the boughs.
I hung vintage crystal chandelier crystals with raffia bows...

I had little Christmas bowls full of candy canes and little Christmas decorations for the Little Grands to finish decorating with, but plans changed ~ 

I'll just leave it rustic and simple...

The can is filled with cinder blocks to hold up the weight and I tucked an old vintage shawl around the can to give me some fringe.
~We all know how I love the fringe~!~


It's beautiful in the day & beautiful at night in the entryway...

Very simple, very rustic, very unique~!

Quick and Rustic Christmas Decor...



  1. Oh, it is gorgeous! Of course, your tree has to have lace! And I have always loved the crystal drops from chandeliers. Your candlestands look beautiful in the window, too. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Merry Christmas Marci~!
      Thank You~
      The vintage candle stands have those flameless candles on a timer. You wouldn't believe how many of my neighbors have called, emailed and texted me to remind me to blow the candles out in the front window when it gets late - lol
      I think they all know they're battery operated now. They just look so real...
      I wish you Happy Holidays with your family & friends~!

  2. wonderful pictures of your simple tree. great idea to take the top of the tree and use it only when you need less tree.

  3. Thank you! I love those flameless candles on timers! So much safer!


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