Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A peek at my week ~ January 4 through January 10, 2015...

Of course, my week revolved around my hair kids...

Meet my new ram "Titan"
He's the ram we brought home from Days Creek, OR. 

He is so angelic~!
(I couldn't help myself - he was standing in the sun trying to coax another piece of apple out of my pocket.)

This boy is awesome. And, I nearly have him completely trained for me to ride. 

I've been working with him a lot. I want my little Grandies to be able to take him for a spin. This was a complete afterthought, trust me. We got him home and he was just so friendly. So, nice. So, wonderful that I decided to break him to ride. 

My little mob is quite fond of him too
He's a bugger to get pics of, because he never stands still. 
When I round the corner to go feed in the morning, he climbs up the sheep panel like a ladder and stands there staring at me, ready for breakfast. 

He's only a 'Little Spoiled," the Man-Child says. 
Just "A Little~!"

When I hop on Titan (he's so tall!) and let him take me for a small jaunt, Charlie panics. He follows us around making his Charlie noises in my ear. I think if I fell off the ram, Charlie may scoop my up and walk me to the ER. Charlie worries way too much~!

Titan has shown no aggression at anything which is so awesome. He was worth the trip to Oregon. 
But, he's still having a love affair with the cat ~ is that weird?

I just know one morning I'm going to go over there and Oliver (the cat), his favorite chicken Effie (a hen,) and Titan (the Ram) are going to be stuffed in a nesting box together wrapped around each other.

Then, there's poor Missy...
Missy is my lead ewe. Missy is my oldest ewe. And, Missy is the worlds most depressed pregnant ewe.

I don't know what to do to help this poor girl...
She's so sad when she's pregnant.

She just 'mopes' around...

I spend a great portion of my time, when I'm doing chores, just simply petting Missy like a dog.

She's getting closer to lambing, thank goodness. If it doesn't happen soon, I fear she may need an anit-depressant - poor thing...

It keeps snowing here and then melting. 
Snowing and melting.
Snowing and melting.

The weather has been crazy in Central Utah this year...

The animals sure enjoy the sunny days though...

But, Charlie is ready for Spring...

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  1. Love to hear about your "friends". The ram looks very nice, and maybe Missy just doesn't feel good? Your rooster looks very handsome on the fence :-)) Charlie and Moose are my favorites! (And maybe Oliver)


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