Friday, December 19, 2014

The Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Christmas Tree...

There once was a little thrift-store Christmas tree that got drug into an old farmhouse kitchen...

Stuffed in an antique water bucket it sat quite barren and green...

As the kitchen lady pondered its eventual outcome, there was an unforseen accident involving her big red Kenworth semi truck and a blind reefer trailer at a parking lot in Wyoming ~ 
(Yes, it made her SCREAM!)

Thankful was she that the 'Man-Child' was in the truckstop having dinner. 
Apparently, the reefer driver can't park a  stupid reefer...  
She was at the telephone and computer at first break of light wearing out the phone lines of the reefer company for some crashed Kenworth insight...

Poor little kitchen tree just stood there all sturdy and strong. 
It even got bumped off the counter as the kitchen lady was flailing her arms~~~

To facebook she inquired, to her friends far and near. 
What do I do to make this little tree have some Christmas cheer?

The reply's came in quickly from Utah, Wisconsin & Pennsylvania ~ 
Add some lights, some dried fruit and some thrift store silverware ~ 
Oh, Hallelujah~!

The kitchen lady had a light string, some dried fruit and an old silverware set from the old house. She threw them open and exclaimed, it's high time to deck this tree out~!

The little silver knives were a bonus, she found them buried in the back yard. 
And, a little silver crab fork set matched, from a vintage box in a drawer.

The ideas poured in to the kitchen lady's crazy mind, in between visits to collision shops, insurance agents, adjusters and truck yards.

She got dried oranges and apples tied on with vintage string...
She added cinnamon stick and bay leaves with a needle and thread for some bling~!

Oh, the little tree was patient with the kitchen lady's crazy schedule, it sat in the old bucket, unevenly for the first few hours on the kitchen table and thank heavens the big red Kenworth got all patched up and got rolling to Nebraska...

The kitchen lady is tired, she's exhausted with the holiday season, but the little farmhouse kitchen Christmas tree is a happy little counter decoration!

~What a long week~


  1. Oh, your little tree is adorable! I love the dried fruit, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves. I also love old silverware! This perfect. Sorry about your bad week, it will hopefully get better. I' all bet your feathered and furry friends were glad to see you after your trip. :-))

    1. Bad wreck is behind us as for the paperwork, the body work will be done over the holidays. I filed straight through their insurance and bypassed mine, for speed. There are no deductibles doing it that way too - yay... The adjuster previewed it yesterday and not only approved the collision center estimate, but he also added to it, so the truck will get even more attention.
      The little Christmas tree is adorable in the kitchen. The elderly woman that lived here prior got some dimentia / Alzheimer. She started to bury everything she felt valuable in the yard. One day I was planting tulips and dug up a little package which was the silver knives pictured above. Another time, I was planting a purple cone flower and dug up a set of crystals salt and pepper shakers. I'll bet this old place would be a heck of a treasure hunt with a metal detector - lol
      If one was to go gold mining around here, there's a possibility they may actually find gold~!

  2. Too funny! A little bit sad for her, though. Don't you wish you could have met her?

    1. I do wish I could have met her. I think we would have been great friends. We share a lot of things in common judging from all of her belongings I get to sift through in the house. Once in a while someone will ask me if it's kind of creepy living with so much of her stuff. Nope~!
      Strangely, it's as if I've always been a part of it and it apart of me. It's a neat adventure, that's for sure...
      And, I get to look at all of her pictures, so its as if I already know her.
      Her husband died before her and he was all she had. It's sad, but probably a good thing about the dimentia - I think it probably made the last little while of her life better - not remembering.


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