Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pickled Beets ~ Home Canning Recipe...

Pickled Beets Recipe:
(Approx. 7 Pints)

Enough cooked, skinned and cubed beets to fill 7 pint jars. 
How many beets fill 7 pint jars?
Your guess is as good as mine on this...
It just depends upon how big your beets are. 
Wing it~!

To prepare the beets, cut the beet greens off leaving 1" of the greens hooked to the top of the beet. 
If you leave a bit of beet green at the top, your pan of water won't turn bright red and your beets will retain their color while they're cooking...

(I always have a lot of help when I'm out in the garden)

Then, wash the beets and put them in a pan of water - bring them to a boil and cook until the beets are tender and the skins 'slip off' easy. 
Once the beets are skinned, cut the beets into cubes and put them in a bowl.

Sterilize and prepare your jars, rings & lids for canning & get your boiling water canner going on the stove ~ 

This pickled beet brine recipe came from one of my best friends. 
It's the simplest recipe ever, and the best. And, I've tried lots of them in the past. This one is my favorite~!

Pickled Beet Brine:
1 Quart of White Sugar
1 Quart of White Vinegar
1 Quart of Water

Bring the pickling brine to a boil in a larger sauce pan and then add the cubed beets and let them boil for a few minutes to bring the beets up to temperature, before you put them in the jars.

(I bottle in the evening and my kitchen hates my camera - it always turns the pics yellow...)

Put a couple cups of water in a small pan and bring it to a boil - remove it from the stove and place your new canning lids in the hot water for about 5 min. to soften the rubber rings, before you seal your bottles...

Fill your sterilized jars with your hot, cubed beets...

Then fill the jars with the hot pickling brine. Leave about 1/2" head-space at the top of the jar for expansion.

Run a 'non' metallic utensil down the side of the jar to get the air bubbles out...

Wipe the rims of your jars clean with a wet cloth, or paper towel and put your lids and bands on. 

Put the jars in boiling water in your boiling water canner and process to your altitude's processing time. 
Mine get processed for 10 min. I'm at about 5800' in altitude here in Central Utah. 

When the jars are done processing, move them to a draft free location to cool overnight. 

When they're cool, check that all of your lids have sealed
(push down in the center, they should all be 'concave' if any pop up and down put them in the fridge and use them soon - the lid didn't seal - don't store them without them sealed.)

Then, remove the rings... 
(do not store your jars with the rings on - the rings get rusty over time...)

Wipe down your jars and lids and put them in a cool, dark spot for storage.

These pickled beets take a few months to mature. 
They are awesome after a few months, but heavenly after about 6 months.



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