Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Peek at My Week ~ 9-05-14 through 09-12-14...

Come on in and take a "Peek at my Week"...

It's always crazy around here~~~

It started off with Charlie (of course)...
Really, this is the greatest 'odd' animal alive. 

I went over to feed and he lifted up his head, right in my face and this is it ~
Charlie in Drag...
Really Charlie?

I had taken my beet peelings over the night prior and dumped them in with Charlie, the sheep and the chickens and think it's safe to assume by the pictures that Charlie had a great helping of the beets.

And, he was proud of it~!

~He has always been an in-your-face-kind of Charlie~

A few days later, I was in the house and Oscar, my black and white cat, jumped up on a little table by the kitchen window. 
~He has never done this before~

He was 'Meow'ing' so loud. He was upset. I knew something was wrong. 
I was scared he was hurt, or something had happened to his brother Oliver.

I opened the kitchen door and he took off toward the garden. 
He stopped, looked back at me and started 'Meow'ing' really loud again. It was as if he was saying, "Follow me Mom..." 

So, I followed him, quickly...

He ran through the garden and jumped up on the block wall. 
I climbed up the ladder I have on the wall, to water the horses and this is what I saw.

Well, "Hello Saddler..."

How did you get in the cement irrigation head box?
*Shaking my head...*

He wasn't hurt, because he was rubbing his butt up and down the cement when I spied him.

Oliver - the other cat was visiting Saddler and must have sent Oscar to the window to get "Mom"

The 'Man-Child' thinks my white horse Ray had something to do with this. 
He said, he's pretty sure, they were ~

"Horsing Around"

We used a few rail road ties to build a ramp and he walked right out. He was' none the worse for the wear' either. Just a few scratches on one leg - thank heavens`!

Then, two of the "Grand Littles" came to visit for a bit and drop off a couple of lambs.
While their Mom and Dad borrowed our horse trailer, the little's got to stay and help Gramma do chores. 

All of my Grandies are "Expert Chicken Feeders"

Now that the youngest, "Swayzee" is finally walking, she gets to help too...

Sister put some chicken feed in her hand and she had to watch for a minute, but she figured out what to do with it. You sprinkle it on the ground and the chickens come running.

Well, what a fun thing to learn when you're One!

Chickens are NEAT~!

(Can you see the purple arrow pointing to Charlie stalking Swayzee through the fence?)

Charlie is keeping a close "eye" on her... 

Charlie is a very gentle alpaca and he loves when the grandkids are around.

That brown hen on the fence is an "Americana"
She's new here...

Saige was watching her close. She has "Whiskers" ~ feathers that stick out on her cheeks and a feather that sticks straight down her chin. It looks like she has a mustache and beard. 

Saige says, "Gwama - that is a silly chicken. She has a mustache and she looks stupid. When I get my own chickens, I don't want that kind. I don't want mine to look stupid."

~Even Charlie was perplexed at that statement. Just look at his expression!~

My dear daughter, when you get Saige and Swayzee their own chickens - please don't get "Stupid Looking" Americana hens... he, he...

And that my friends is a 
"Peek at my Week"~!


  1. I got caught up on your last 3 or 4 post! That picture of Charlie cracks me up! ha.


  2. Oh my, you have had a week! Glad the horse is o.k. I have got to do beets this week. Looks like someone enjoyed them! lol! Love the kiddos, so so cute! I have to tell you that your recipe for the pickled cauliflower that I pinned has been repined over 1000 times.

  3. I forgot to comment! You have some cute animals. That Charlie! I hadn't heard much about alpacas until you talked about yours. The grands are adorable! Don't kids say the funniest things? Glad your horse is OK. What smart kitties, to alert you. " Horsing around" indeed. :))


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