Thursday, August 28, 2014

An old barrel and an old thermos...

I have been lost in my own world for so long this summer that it's finally time to come out and play
~with my blog~ 

Isn't it funny how busy we get in the few months of summer?

It has been 'crazy busy' around here and that's a 'Good Thing~!' 

We did manage to get the big fridge transferred to this old house and the water and ice maker hooked up - Yay, but... It is monstrous and swallowed my kitchen.. I didn't know what to do. This heaping, huge, refrigerator that I couldn't wait to get here, made me gag. 

So, I fixed it "Jen Style..." 

I covered the top of it in old and antique. At least, to try to soften it a bit and give me something pleasing to look at...

I mean, really... 
Doesn't everybody have an old wooden spout and an old vanilla keg and 5 vintage crates laying around? 

Doesn't everybody think about putting old barrels and crates on their refrigerators?

How does a person keep an old vanilla keg on a refrigerator, you might wonder? 
Well, you enlist the help of "The Man-Child"
And, consequently, it only take a couple of old, rusty, coil racks from a flatbed trailer to accomplish the mission. 
Doesn't everybody have old coil racks just laying around? 

*Ya, I'm sure you can see my sarcasm because I never would have thought of that either, without the "Man-Child" ... *

Anyway ~
You can understand what an eyesore my big, wonderful, refrigerator that doesn't have a place in my kitchen, because they forgot when they remodeled it years ago that kitchens have refrigerators...duh,
must have looked like before the old stuff got carefully placed on top...

~That was probably a record long run on sentence and the grammar in this blog post is unbelievably poor, so I apologize ahead of time because I have a lot to say right now in such a short amount of time and I'm trying to get it all out...~

And, how in the world did I miss this vintage thermos for this long? 

It has been sitting on the back porch step for 'who knows how long?' 

It was in a box... There are a lot of boxes around here I still haven't looked in... 
One of the cats knocked it off the porch and when I picked it up, I smiled~!

And then, I walked into my bathroom and swapped out the old, enamelware milk pitcher for this old thermos. Yep, it still has the lid too - I just tucked it into the towel cabinet for safe keeping.

It fits in wonderful with the old metal walls and the beautiful cast iron towel hook.
It's a nice change ~~~

Our local antique store owners went to a few estate sales in Park City this month. 
They found me a few treasures, I'm proud to now own...

This handmade, old, egg basket, which is now, the tissue holder.

And, this gorgeous, old,  popcorn stitch, handmade, fringed coverlet. 
When she pulled it out of a Walmart sack I sighed.

I think the fringe made my heart skip a beat...
She sold them too me for a pittance of what they are worth.
Her husband says she enjoys finding me this kind of stuff. It gives her something to search for.

I'm glad she likes me~!

It didn't end there though...

The "Man-Child" went antiquing too, at an antique store in Billings, MT.
He bought me some awesome trinkets. 
He knows what I love ~~~

He got me this set of cute, little, reproduction enamelware canisters and the stack of antique enamelware mugs...

And, this wonderful little teapot for the kitchen stove.
I have been searching for one around here to much avail. I'm glad he brought this one home, but there was an even greater one he brought with it...

This absolutely marvelous pitcher. 

To add to my collection of old, enamelware pitchers.

It is tall and heavy and has a wonderful old glaze. 
It is the queen of my collection ~ !
He knew I would love it... 

And, of course he brought me home some old lace.
An old shawl, a pretty old curtain panel and a "Quaker Lace" table cloth.
I'm so happy he is an "enabler" of a lace hoarder. This obsession of mine might be hard to explain to a random male, but the "Man-Child" gets it. No explanation needed. It must be the smile on my face when I hold it in my hands that makes him bring it home?

The "Man-Child" has AMAZING taste~! 
(After all, he chose me...)

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