Sunday, December 29, 2013

You know how when you go for a gallon of paint and come home with a new chandelier?

I'm having one of those kinds of days~

I finally got everything 'hunted & gathered' to begin the bathroom remodel. 
I found a bunch of old, rusty, galvanized steel from an old, delapidated shed, off an old homestead owned by a family member, for my bathroom remodel - it was the last thing I needed...

I went into Home Depot to have some paint mixed to start the bathroom...

And the "Man-Child" wandered off and found some treasure~!

A living room chandelier on clearance, with a little crack on it that the lighting manager marked 50% off the $100 clearance price. We got this monster for a STEAL and the little crack was easily repaired with a bit of paint.

And of course, we had to get an entry way light to match ~ it was also on clearance for a song...

$100 for brand new living room lighting ~ beautiful, on clearance, living room lighting ~ 
It's a no-brainer~!

I'm going tomorrow for one more light to the series, that's on clearance too, to go in the 'someday add-on / stair case'...

Gee, we were going to start the bathroom remodel today, but we got distracted by some things "Bright & Shiny"~!


  1. You're doing so great with your improvements! Love all of your light fixtures....especially the chandy you found a few months ago! Happy New Year my friend!

    1. I am so thrilled with this new light. I had a 'retro' shiny brass & wicker can type ceiling fan light in the living room that drove me MAD... I was just patiently waiting to find a beautiful. These were beautiful & CHEAP compared to their regular prices...
      And, I'm in my painter clothes getting ready to start the bathroom paint~!
      (Waiting for the man-child as usual - he's pulling down the old trim...)
      I am so, so HAPPY~!

  2. Very nice!



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