Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Plans Afoot~

It seems like only yesterday that ours was a nation of rural villages, each boasting little more than a grocery store, church, school, barbershop--- all strung out along Main Street. Nestled as they were in farm country, supported by and supporting a gaggle of everyday folks --- most of whom knew each other --- such little towns became in a broad sense a family concern. They were tightly knit, particularly so in life-threatening emergencies and at Christmas, at which time differences were put aside.

Each year by the first of December the buzzing local conversation left off talking about cows, farrowing and the price of grain and folks began to speculate on whether Arch McCord's widow needed extra wood, meat, or milk over the holidays. Fatherless children were counted and a local farm machinery dealer, or cattle buyer (who would skin you in a cattle deal) would up and take responsibility for seeing that these children "had Christmas."

The women naturally would take care of such things as Christmas baskets --- you could count on the women of the churches and the school for such things. They would bake endless fruitcakes, pies and cookies to go along with homemade preserves and jellies that had been put away during the summer with just such purpose in mind.

Everyone believed that mid-January was soon enough to get back to the never-ending cycle of the seasons, the plowing and planting, caring for newborn lambs and upgrading the machinery for the new year. For now, planning the holiday season would be enough...

This little story was taken from: 
Jane Watson Hopping 
~ The Pioneer Lady's Country Christmas~

Christmas Blessing

God bless our little home today and all our family
the ones that gather round the hearth and those across the sea.

And some of us have gone away and drifted far apart,
but Christmas ties the cords of friendship
close around the heart.

May all our fancied grievances be banished from the mind
and may we greet each other
with a wish that's good and kind.

May nothing false creep in to spoil the perfect harmony,
and may we speak sweet words of love
and peace and harmony.

~Patience Strong~

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