Thursday, December 5, 2013

Heck of a way to start the day~

It's about 6:30 am and I'm half a sleep and half awake.

I'm snuggled in the big bed trying not to move.

I'm trying to keep myself in one spot so I won't have to feel the cold sheets where they're not warmed up yet. I know its in the 'negatives' outside.

It's freezing!

My little dog Steve is living up to his nickname, "The Butt Warmer." He is all cuddled up in a ball right against my rear and back of my thighs.

~It's peaceful ~ warm ~ comfortable and I'm lost somewhere between the real world
and dream land~


I hear it enter the room... 

It's big feet give it away--- 'clomp,' 'clomp,' 'clomp'... 

It quietly circles around the big bed, to my side. It pauses ~~ breathing deeply and
Scoping its prey!

It moves closer --- 'clomp,' 'clomp,' 'clomp.'

Right at the last moment, I'm wondering why I'm laying at the side of the bed, instead of in the middle. I'm the target. I can hear it coming. Why am I turned with my face outward? This isn't a safe position to be in, this early in the morning.

It is now right next to me and I'm holding dead still...

When it exhales it flutters my hair with its breath...

I don't know what it's going to do, but I can feel it slowly moving toward me...

Its breath is now directly on my eyes. It is right there ~ maybe not two inches between us...

It pauses for a few moments just breathing hard on my face. I'm pondering what might happen next...

It moves ~ closer to me... closer... closer...

Now, it's cold, big, black nose is pushed firmly against my warm, little, white nose...

It  is taking every ounce of self restraint I have not to smile, or laugh...

~I refuse to move a muscle. I'm lying dead still. I won't even flinch~
What will be its next move?

It sits there in this position for a few moments. I know its intent and I'm not ready. I'm trying so hard not to fall for the trick.

It swallows deeply - takes a deep breath and exhales again with its nose pressed up against my nose. I know it is staring at me. I know it wishing me to open my eyes.

~~It is a sick game~~

Then, all of a sudden, it SNEEZES~!

~~ Yes, of course with its nose up against mine ~~ 


And I sit straight up in bed.
Wide awake.
With Great Pyrenees dog sneeze all over my face.

Damn, he's good~!

~This is exactly what he wanted~

My dog is a demented alarm clock~~~ 

Good Morning World~!


  1. Only he can wake you up like that and keep you smiling..Womans best friend.. (Don't let any human do it to you though)


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