Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Yesterday, there was no snow on the ground. Although, they were discussing a big storm blowing in on the news...

I have a few of my hair sheep ewe's ready to lamb and I was horrified they would give birth last night ~ yikes.

The storm blew in and started snowing about 4 pm. I went out and checked on my sheep right before midnight and it looked like this....

Good Lord ~ when I woke up it looked like this~!
All the way up to the seats on the patio chairs...

I was scared to death I would have a couple sets of twin, or triplet lambs on the ground, so I hurried out at first light to feed the mob and check - phew ~ no lambs thank heavens.

"I can see Alaska from my house~!"


I go out of my yard through a gate right out into the pasture where the sheep, horses and Charlie (my alpaca) are right now. Duke walked out and couldn't find them all in the snow (they were behind him) He usually rounds them up and herds them over by the hay stack for me. 

But, we have this strangeness going on in the pasture. When I go around the back of the block wall, 'Indy' my grey horse and my ram 'Bruce' start racing and jumping around being snotty to each other and trying to show me which one is boss. 

"The Natives are Restless..."

It is weird to see a hair sheep ram and a full grown horse butt each other in the head. They both back up and scratch their hooves too. The ram is teaching the old horse bad tricks. The ram already gets a clonk on the head once in a while with a shovel handle for trying to take me on and 'ram' into me. I might have to start taking a shovel into the pasture to clunk the horse in the head with if the horse backs up and tries to take me in the future...

There are strange schematics in this pasture with my little family of hair kids... The lambs I still have from last Spring ALWAYS eat with my horse 'Little Ray'... 

Wow, my whether lamb is fat and ready to put in the freezer (far right)~ jeeze ~ 
Mmmm Lamb Chops...~!

By this afternoon, they were all settled down and stocking up on some hay for a cold night that's coming.

~ Bundle up warm ~ 
It's going to be a COLD night~!

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