Friday, December 6, 2013

'Budget Friendly' ~ Farmhouse Christmas in the Kitchen Decor...

The kitchen is the most used room in this old farm house. Company rarely makes it into the living room. The regular trail of company that come to visit each have their own places and spaces they like to sit and have a cup of coffee, or maybe breakfast on the weekends, or dinner if their timing is right and they show up at supper time. 

There is always enough food at this house to feed a crowd and most are family, or good friends and you don't have to ask them twice if they're hungry.

It was only natural to decorate the kitchen for the Holiday's...

~The decor is all used and very budget friendly~

To give a rundown, every single decoration in this pic is used, re-purposed and has found a new life at my old farm house... 
It is so warm and inviting and, well, 'Christmas-y' ~!

The long metal snowman hanging on the door was a thrift store find for $1 and the matching wreaths; one on the door and one on the washboard ~ they were thrift store finds for $0.50 each. The old, antique washboard was a $10 yard sale acquisition...

The antique phone is from a yard sale. 

It's heavy! 

If you spin the arm, it will shock you because it still has all of its old copper wiring and transformer thing-a-ma-do-dads. The gentleman I bought it from said if you play with it, it can electrocute you? 
We just dust it and leave it alone...

The vintage reproduction tins were a drag home from a few months back. 

The crafty tree was a thrift store find for $4 and the following week, I found 2 smaller ones that matched for $2. The smaller trees are in the kitchen window...

The little silver and crystal candy dish was a great little find for $2 on Monday.

I can't wait until my little Grandson gets here and climbs up in his favorite barstool, right by the candy dish...

His eyes are going to be the size of dinner plates. Yet, he is so polite he will ask please and say thank you before he ever touches it - he will be so, so excited that it is within his reach!~

The old Shredded Wheat crate table (A used furniture find for $75.00) 
holds an antique enamelware bowl and milk pitcher. 

The antique enamelware pitcher and bowl were yard sale finds for $5 a piece...
(The antique enamelware chamber pot on the floor was a throw in - cost was $0)

~The 'jingle bells' were from the dollar store. They have big packages of them for $1 this year~
And the plastic candy canes are also a dollar store find...

The greenery behind the antique, enamelware bowl is a floral find from a yard sale for $0.25...

The big kitchen window is cheaply done also, but so, so pretty~!

The window holds the two crafty pine trees that match the large one on the bar. 
There are two vintage 'Port' wine jugs from the cellar. Each has a dollar store floral spray on top. 

The little pine tree in the center was $0.25 at the thrift store - the candle holder the pine tree is perched on was $1 and the berry wreath the candle holder sits in was $0.75.
The plastic snowflakes were dollar store finds...

And, one of my best friends found these ADORABLE candles at the dollar store.
They're 1/4 pint (I think...) Mason jars. 
When they're burned off, I'm going to use them for spice jars in the kitchen hutch!

The wicker sleigh I got at the thrift store for $4 has been decked out for the table centerpiece, with some of the boughs from the artificial Christmas trees I previously drug home and a few dollar store floral picks.

And, one large pine cone. What kind of pine tree does that cone go to? It's the largest pine cone I've ever had. A redwood, or sequoia? I got it at the thrift store for a dime...

The top of the refrigerator 'vintage crate display' got a big of bling...

Some artificial pine boughs, plastic candy canes and some floral pics from my stash...

I even drug in an extra, rusty, crusty, old Maxwell House coffee can from a shed to put a poinsettia in..

 And place on the vintage 'way rite' scale...

The yard sale French Chandelier even got a little bit of Holiday Cheer ~~ 
A few floral pics from the dollar store just set up there for the season...

An Old-Fashioned Welcome

There's nothing cheers a fellow up just like a hearty greeting,
A handclasp and an honest smile that flash the joy of meeting;
And when at friendly doors you ring, somehow it seems to free you
From all life's doubts to hear them say: "Come in! We're glad to see you!"

At first the portal slips ajar in answer to your ringing.
And then your eyes meet friendly eyes, and wide the door goes flinging;
And something seems to stir the soul, however troubled you be,
If but the cheery host exclaims; "Come in! We're glad to see you!"

~Edgar A. Guest


I'm still not finished decorating, but the good news is~~~
"I'm still in the Christmas Spirit"
Which is encouraging~!


  1. You are making me want to get my Christmas stuff out....LOL....I have put it off, but we are snowed in in Oklahoma today. Guess this would be a good day to decorate. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Why this is a great day to decorate~!
      I think you should get all the Christmas stuff out and get with it ~ lol
      (so, I'm not alone in this adventure...)

  2. You are the one person that I feel like I really COULD just knock on your door and you would greet me with open arms. Your house looks so inviting and you've given me some more ideas. I need more greenery! lol Love those small candles in the cute! And of course all of your old things that you've used in your decor. You make everything happy! Sweet hugs!

    1. Of course you could knock on my door and I would greet you with a big hug ~
      And, a hot cup of coffee, or tea ~
      And, I would fill you up with good food, sugar cookies, good conversation and a big hug upon you leaving me...
      My house is that inviting~!
      {{{Hugs back to you my friend}}}
      You just let me know when you're on your way and I'll get those sugar cookies baking and a hot pot of coffee brewing.

  3. I wish I was already there. I don't think I could drive in the weather you're having now! But I'll enjoy your blog and feel like a big Sis to you....are a dear Aunt! haha! HUGS!

  4. Soooo pretty!!!! I was "thinking" of decorating today. You've motivated me to possibly do it tomorrow. But it sure won't look as pretty as yours! :)




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