Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bit by the Christmas Bug?

Guess what?
I'm finally back on the planet and I think my world might be calming down...

After the demo project, the wreck, the fact that Autumn came on so fast with all of its duties and responsibilities ~ I've been gone for a while. Truthfully, I've just been busy and not thinking about anything fun. So yesterday, I decided to put the stress and worry aside, daydream, ponder, think on things and I got ~Bit by the Christmas Bug...~!
(This is always a short lived event in my world, cause I really don't like Christmas much...)

Do you have times like this in your world? Fleeting moments where you go dig out all of the magazines and old books you have saved for years (and of course surf Pinterest), to look back at holiday pics and ideas you have thought on, but never really done anything with?

I have these kinds of days - 
Strangely though, I always flip straight to the homemade liquor recipes... 

Yay for "Liquor~!" 
Liquor & Christmas go great together at my house, because it's easier to "like" Christmas when I'm a bit tipsy. Although, I have been enjoying Christmas more and more since my kids are raised. Perhaps it has something to do with the kids? Maybe, I just like Christmas being a Grandma, with few Santa responsibilities? I think it's because so much of the stress leaves when the kids do... 
One thing that will remain a constant, I know, is there will always be Christmas Liquor~! 

*Lets just leave that one alone for now, while my homemade blackberry brandy is still perking and stewing in the cellar. We'll come back to it after I've tasted it a few times, when we get closer to the big 'Ho, Ho, Ho' day and I'm more pissy and onery about the happy event...*

This year and quite early I must admit, I'm drinking & thinking on a simple 'Rustic Christmas'...

Simple can be so cute with the right amount of inspiration ~~~
I love this porch that Beth put together at Unskinny Boppy. I'll certainly use it for inspiration when I actually get ready to 'do' something, versus just 'thinking' on it.

And, wouldn't the grandbabies just love this on the kitchen entry door? It's such a simple idea, but so CUTE! I found it on pinterest, of course. The idea and pic are from The Creative Stamper Spot and this is an awesome, simple, Christmas decor idea with a big punch!

And of course, some candy decor. But, I'm thinking more about different size mason jars full and sitting just out of the reach of the 'turbo twins'...Simple, yet pretty. I'm sort of in an 'Easy Christmas' mindset this year. 

I have been 'hunting & gathering' for Christmas for a few months now and I have a lot of cute, rustic things in the shed. But I've found a few really cute things I want to share with you early, just for inspiration~! Maybe, it will help me stay in 'The Christmas Spirit' for more than 48 hours? We shall see...

Last week, I found this cute, heavy, wrought iron and wicker sleigh I intend to use for a centerpiece somewhere in the house when the "Merry" day starts to get closer. It was a steal for $4...

And yesterday, in the glass display case at the thriftstore where these treasures~!

The boxes are a little beat up, but all of the pieces inside are in immaculate shape and for $6 a box ($12 total), who could resist the 'Old World' look and charm. They will be fun to play with for the Merry season, if I stay in the 'Christmas' mood... One never knows. I could just take my bottle of Blackberry Brandy when we get closer to the big day. Put all the Christmas decor in the shed, buried, where I can't even see it. Go climb under my bed and stay drunk until New Years...? 

Hope not, but one never knows with me~ !

So, just in case you have that 'up & down,' maniac depressive sort of relationship with the Christmas Spirit like I do ~~ It's not too late to get yourself a bit of homemade 'Blackberry Brandy' going. I would send you some, but that's bootlegging and the USPS will confiscate it and drink it for you, so you have to make your own~!

Homemade Blackberry Brandy
1 Quart of Fresh Blackberries
3/4 C. sugar
1 teaspoon Whole Allspice
12 Whole Cloves
2 C. Brandy
In a gallon screw top jar combine the blackberries, sugar and spices. Pour in the brandy; cover with the lid. Invert the jar daily until the sugar dissolves (about 4 days). Place in a cool, dark place for a month, or so. Strain through cheesecloth before serving. Makes about 3 1/2 C.

*Don't drink it all at the same time - Pace yourself. 
It's hard to make 3 1/2 C. last through the whole season*

Fa, La, La, La, La....
La, La, La, Laaaaaaaaaaa....


  1. I was thinking about you this week and wondering what you were up to! I found some purple velvet shams and put them on my extra pillows on my bed and thought of you! heehee! I knew you would love how dreamy it made my bed look. Pour me some of that homemade brandy and we can both feel dreamy! lol Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs!

    1. "Purple Velvet Shams" ? Oh, you make my heart go pitty pat~!
      I am so looking forward to a coffee cup full of the Brandy (snifter is just too small and petite to be yuletide and merry - lol) Yes, I drink whiskey from a coffee cup ~ yay me~!!!
      Just thinking about Christmas, or accepting the fact that it's getting closer once again gives me heartburn~!
      Hope all is well in your world - are those purple velvet shams accessible on your blog so that I may drool at pics of them?

    2. I haven't taken photos of them yet. But they are puuurty! I love decorating for Christmas but I don't get all stressed out over shopping and all. We keep it simple. Sweet hugs! Pass the coffee mug! lol


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