Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY Fence Post Pumpkin...

It's just a slice of an old fence post (9" tall x 8" wide). A 4" piece of a tree limb. A few wooden leaves, some spanish moss and a piece of wire...

Now, wouldn't these be adorable in various sizes ~ some really big? Not that I have time right now, but it would be cute for outdoor decor for next year...

Just use a slice of round wood, paint it with some watered down, orange acrylic paint ~ perhaps some scallops along the top and bottom with a horse shoe rasp, or dremmel, or something to add some interest? Sand it here and there to distress it... Paint your leaves - sand them to distress them if you like. Now, glue your stem onto your pumpkin. Wire you leaves onto your stem. Glue on a bit of bling, or detail such as the spanish moss and you're done ~~

How Simple & cute~! 

Quick, free and easy ~ are there any better words?

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  1. Quick, Free and Easy are music to my ears! *winks* Especially when the results are so Charming. These would be perfect for a Thanksgiving Porch Vignette! Holiday Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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