Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adorned for Autumn...

Some people think it's expensive to change the look of their bedroom, but changing your bedding does change the whole look and it can be done very cheaply.

I think it's odd how some people have the same bedding ensemble for years ~ why is that?
I change mine constantly...

It's not expensive to get a change, if you're cheap and smart, think outside the box and you become a hoarder like me~!

I switched everything over in my room yesterday for the Autumn Season...

Let me give a rundown of how cheap you can do it...

The rose bedding; a king size bedspread and 2 king sized shams were $6 from a thriftstore. And, they were brand new...

The burgundy, crocheted set is a full size bedspread and 2 standard size shams and they were $8 from a thriftstore...

That's just $14 for a complete change... 
Cheap, huh???

Throw in the 3 throw pillows for $1 a piece and we're up to $17 for a complete change~!

The vintage, dusty rose, chenille coverlet was $1 at a thriftstore and it looks brand new. Not even a mark on it. It is one of my favorite treasures and rarely leaves my bed, even when the bedding changes...

Hello~~ how do you like that bright orange boot box under the bed ~ duh! 
Yes, I hide stuff under my bed ~ would you believe there's lace, or curtains in there? 
*Big smile!*

I admit, there are 2 expensive things that are always on my bed... 

I'm a lover of expensive sheets (Ssshhhh - don't tell the 'Man-Child' - I just won't admit what I pay for them ~ lol) And, that antique, hobnail, cotton crocheted layer with the fringe, over the platform / under the mattress. It was an antique store acquisition. But, it came with a damaged, crocheted coverlet and they both cost me $50... I do splurge (cheaply) once in a a while. And, I like 2'fer deals~!
(2'fer = 2 for the price of one... antique dealers are sometimes easy to talk out of stuff...)

The 'damaged' antique coverlet I got with the hobnail bed spread hangs on the linen cabinet as a decoration and only gets hand washed occasionally, to try to avert any further damage to its beautiful self...

The bottom, scalloped bed skirt is really window valances that I have safety pinned underneath, to the mattress platform and they were $4 from a yard sale~

The HUGE, antique tablecloth draped over the bottom, side of the bed was a yardsale find for $2...

So, everything on the bed right now, including the antique lace and antique crocheted items is under $75~! 
(Not counting the sheets, of course - we're not going there in case the 'Man-Child' reads the blog *wink*)

I love layers, on top of layers, on top of layers, on top of layers ~ 
I love lace and I LOVE ANTIQUE FRINGE ~!

I throw them all together and drag out more and more and more... 

And yes, it ends up in a wad on the 'Ohhh, La,La Chair' (the vintage tufted chair in my bedroom,) if I don't beat the 'Man-Child' into the room first when it gets late... 

At least he's kind enough to wad it up and stuff it in the chair, instead of just plopping down on it...  

I admit... I have quite a collection~!

Can you see that stack there next to the linen cabinet? And, the linen cabinet is full... 
And, there's an armoire at my other house full, in my other master bedroom at the barn. And, there's a ladder hanging in my hallway upstairs, at my barn house full and there is even more hidden and shoved here and there and everywhere~!

I hoard bedding and blankets as well as lace & linens~~ 
I got issues and my issues got issues~!

Some women collect and hoard shoes & clothes ~ I wear old holy jeans, boots and tank tops, t-shirts, or hoodies... I'm a boring person, but I have fantastic furniture, lace & bedding~~~

I would ask you to keep the secret & not tell the 'Man-Child,' of my linen issues, but he's been well aware of my fetish for years. It must not bother him, or he would gripe. I think he just lets me have my passions, so he can have his - his include large, heavy equipment. My issues are CHEAP compared to his. And, some women's closets are stuffed full of clothes & shoes. Mine are stuffed full of lace, linens & bedding!

And, a really nice thing about him...

For being such a big, tall, masculine contractor, he has never, ever, griped about a lace layered bedroom ~ go figure. 

He does occasionally get in trouble for having his boots on some old piece of lace. He just gets a scared look on his face when confronted and hurries and moves them. Other than that ~ once in a while I hear, "A bed is suppose to be slept in, not adorned. But, when I get that ~want to challenge Jen~ look on my face, he backs way off ~ quickly...  

Who listens to men anyway???

So, if you get bored with your bedroom and want a change ~ consider doing it cheaply & wisely and you can have dozens of changes... Just make sure you have a place to store it all, once the bedding / hoarding bug bites~!

I'm going on a road trip this week for a couple days, through WY & CO... Yes, the 'Man-Child' already knows he's going to end up at an antique shop, or two if we have time ~ perhaps, I'll find some more bedding?


Gosh, I can't wait until I have stairs ~~ 
I can't wait to use some of my excess amount of bedding in the other two bedrooms hiding above me right now~!

***Sneak Peak of my other, gorgeous furniture set that will go upstairs, when I get stairs...***

These pics were taken a couple years ago, with a crappy camera, at my barn house, so they're not very clear ~ You get the idea though. I have another complete, King sized set of beautiful, distressed, carved oak furniture waiting to come to this house. It's still sitting at my other house. In my other master bedroom ~ oy' vey'... Yes, I am a furniture hoarder too~~~!

I think I need a couple more houses, to fill with more furniture, bedding & lace, maybe... lol

Would you believe this 'Monster' heavy, hand carved, distressed oak bed cost me $350 years ago... I bought it from a 'scratch & ding' store, before everybody else discovered scratch & ding and it became over run with the herd. Seriously, it's a $3,000+ bed. It was just a fluke I got it - I brought it home and used some antique medium to cover the scratches and dings and you can't even tell it was ever damaged~!

And, look ~ more bedding~!

Another linen cabinet / armoire full of bedding ~ 
(sorry for the blurry pics - I just had them on my jump drive from a couple years ago)

Oh, I have issues~!

Everybody have a great week~!

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  1. All the layers all beautiful! I would love to do that to that spare bedroom. Makes me want to go flea marketing now!


    1. I don't even want to leave the house!
      It rained and poured on the whole road trip ~ ugh... My hair is still damp ~ boohoo...
      No new treasures for me. I was too chicken to get out of the truck and investigate anything, it was raining that hard... lol
      Hope you had a great weekend!


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