Sunday, September 8, 2013

The French Chandelier is complete~!

The shades for the French Chandelier arrived Friday ~ that was quick shipping~!

And, I finally got enough of the correct size light bulbs to fit. I had to go to 3 stores...

Welcome to "Small Town America~!"

I can see from the pic that the 'Man-Child' needs to untangle the chain and cord... Yikes~ ~
Such a beautiful light, to be so twisted up~!

I used some of my crystals from the other lamps I recently acquired and hung a few on here.

It's so pretty!

The colors on the shades "Amber," match perfect in my kitchen...

I've fallen in love~~~

With a French Chandelier~!!!


  1. Just love the etched glass and crystals, your chandelier is stunning!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful night...

  2. Gorgeous!!!!!


  3. Hi Jen,
    I just came across you on Pinterest and I'm so glad! Love your chandy.
    I'm happy to hear that are in a place where you realize the importance of doing things for, did it take me years to get there. I'll enjoy your adventures here!
    Have a great week, Tina

  4. wow!!! They are perfect and they came QUICK! I know you're glad you didn't have to wait long. It's gorgeous! I posted pics of our bathroom with new paint if you have a chance to stop by and visit! Sweet hugs!


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