Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vintage Reproduction Tins...

What we have going on in here, is some serious vintage cuteness~!

I ran into three, reproduction vintage tins today and I was "smitten"...

I was on the phone with the "man-child" at the time. He needed an address to pick up a load of pipe.

He says, "What's the pickup address"... I look up while trolling through the store, getting ready to tell him his address and all I could say was, "Oh... My... God..."

He's like, "WHAT?"... lol
He asks again, "What's wrong?"

I'm like ~ "Oh my God... I've just found the cutest, vintage tin set ever~!"

Of course he laughs...

I say, "Honey, I'm in love"...

He says, "I sure hope it's with me..."

I'm like, "I'm in love with these sweet, reproduction, vintage tins..."

He says, "Well buy the damn things and give me my pickup address~!"

Of course, I'm laughing by this time and the salesman thinks I'm crazy anyway, so there's no need to impress him...

I got three of them -

The red "Sugar" tin... The yellow "Coconut" tin...
(The green tea and sugar ones in the background were given to me by some good friends last year...)

And, a blue "Marshmallow" tin...

Of course, the 'man-child' asked, "How do you work and bum around at the same time?"

My answer... "I'm highly talented and quite gifted...~!"

Of course he laughed again and then I gave him the pickup address he was waiting for, while rushing with my arms over loaded with reproduction, vintage tins...

What a fun bunch to goof around, move around and decorate with~!

Of course, I'm a Capricorn, so I fall in love easy; 
with people, pets and inanimate objects~!

Thank the Lord, the 'man-child' puts up with me...

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  1. That is some vintage cuteness!


    1. I went in the thrift store today and seen an old cocoa tin, but the side was all caved in. It ruined the moment for me. Couldn't commit because it too damaged (didn't even know that was possible for me - lol)
      Then, I went down to see a friend at one of my favorite used furniture stores. He was with someone, so I ducked out and walked up the street to this other cute store. I was wondering around, talking to the man-child and killing time and "BAM" - there these were. See, my relationship with the law of attraction is kind of creepy... lol

  2. The last time I went flea marketing, I tried to mentally have the "law of attraction" thing going on. Thinking, maybe that is what you did. But it didn't work. ha.


    1. lol ~ takes a lot of practice~!
      Hope your weekend 'flea' session was a success...

  3. Wow! You have so many beautiful vintage things. Do you have a pinterest board? Hugs!

    1. Welcome to my blog "Lavender Dreamer"~!
      I do have a pinterest board. Not all of my stuff, but a lot of really fun stuff~!

      You can also get to it at the pinterest link at the bottom of my blog...
      I have some fun stuff pinned - you're welcome to go take a look around~!

  4. Jen,
    They are really darling! I would have snatched them up in a big hurry too. I use to collect lots of tins. I had them in my Hoosier at my previous home. Later I moved them out to the playhouse. I think I still have a bunch. We have a cubby under our sewing room that we filled with all of the boxes that were being stored in the basement. I'm thinking they must be in there. Gradually bringing out a box at a time. I did ruin a few by planting flowers in them for years. I would not have done that if they had been vintage, but knowing that they were reproductions I didn't mind. a lot of them would be over 20 years old now though. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. I could plant in some of the reproduction ones ~ that would be CUTE...
      Thanks for the idea Jann... You have all kinds of cute stuff - I'm always jealous when you finish a room, or a vignette, because you have so much cute/vintage stuff. You're my hero~!


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