Monday, August 5, 2013

A Vintage Knudsden Cottage Cheese Enamelware Pan~ Score!!!

I would love to tell you a great big story about where I happened upon this cutie...

Perhaps, about an exciting trip to an old barn sale, or a thrifty, thrift store acquisition. Or, perhaps a yard sale for just a few coins...

If she was vintage green, she would have an immediate home in my kitchen, but the bright, vintage blue just doesn't work in that room...

There's the option of finding her a home in the bathroom, when / and if, it ever gets started / and or / finished - lol

I could fill her with homemade soaps and small linen fingertip towels and set her on the vintage vanity ~ provided that room ever gets redone... 

(I'm losing hope, but I'm trying to stay positive...)


This is an 'adorable,' 'vintage,' enamelware pan. Maybe, I'll try her out baking a pan of rolls and just use her as a baking dish, which is her function...

Do you want to know where I got it, now that I've wasted a whole blog post thinking out loud about where I should place her???

Well, believe it, or not, she was just sitting in one of my sheds, right in front of my face. But, she was covered in about 60 years worth of dust and grime, so I had never noticed her before...

I think she was well worth bringing in and cleaning up, regardless of her future function...

Give me your ideas for what you would do with a cute little pan like this, that didn't match your kitchen?

You can either be a victim of the world,
or an adventurer in search of treasure.
It all depends on how you view your life...
~Maria Eleven Minutes


  1. It will be perfect in your soon to be bathroom!


  2. I guess I should state, "soon to be remodeled bathroom".


    1. I sure hope it will be soon~!
      But, on the positive side - it might currently be retro and ugly, but it all works great... No complaints. Maybe, not pretty to look at necessarily, but functions. That's a good thing~!
      (frustrating to know you've gathered everything you need to redo it though, and no time to get it done~ lol)


  3. If your setup is still the same as in your kitchen pictures, it would look great on the table with items in it, or on the one with the bread box.

    1. I was excited to put it by the bread box - yep, the kitchen is the exact same. It's just a really bright blue. With the italian, soft, mint green under the chair rail though, it kind of blinded me - lol...
      Had to regroup and remove the bright blue...
      It will definitely match my bathroom when it's redone (if it gets redone - lol- long story...)
      I'm sure, if I use patience, I'll find it the perfect spot in here. Worst case scenario, it would look so cute full of fresh, hot, rolls right out of the oven!

  4. Not sure if you have a porch - but I think it's be gorgeous on a table outside - a serving tray???
    Anyway - I'd have to find somewhere to use it - it's beautiful!

  5. Jen, the graphics on the front makes it a keeper for sure! Love, love it! What a happy find. I think it would be darling in a bathroom or out on your front porch. I could see it filled with a bundle of tied Sunflowers right about now. The blue and yellow would be such a cheery greeting!

    1. Well, right now, it makes a pretty good "Junk" collector on the edge of my kitchen bar. It gives the "man-child" a place to put his papers and glasses - lol...
      It was not by design this happened. He just started putting his stuff in it, so I'm thrilled. The option of having all of his stuff in one, tidy place is a step forward (it used to just be scattered everywhere...)
      I have tons of this kind of stuff around here. Crates and boxes and cubbies full. It's so old and crusty and dusty, it's going to take me a while to sift through it all. This is a fun place for treasure hunting~!

  6. I love it! What a treasure trove your place is. You know that pan would be expensive in an antique shop.


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