Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vintage, Crushed Velvet, Purple Passion ~ Ohhh, La, La...


It lies in all of us...

Sleeping... waiting...
And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir...
Open its jaws and howl. 

It speaks to us... guides us...

Passion rules us all...
And, we obey~~~

What other choice do we have?

Passion is the source of our finest moments...

The joy of love...
The clarity of hatred...
The ecstasy of grief.
It hurts sometimes more than we can bear~

If we could live without passion, 
maybe we'd know some kind of peace.

But, we would be hollow.
Empty rooms, shuttered and dank.

Without passion, we'd be truly dead...
~Joss Whedon~

I picked this "Gorgeous," crushed purple velvet set of vintage furniture up for $150...

It is in "Pristine" condition...

It included a queen headboard, a vanity chair, a tufted velvet bench for the foot of the bed, 2 matching, hanging lamps and the bedspread...

I found the brass quilt stand at a thrift store for $6 and the vintage and antique oil lamps where a group purchase for $50 ~

This set will reside some day in my small bedroom upstairs in this old house (no, I haven't given up hope that someday, the man-child will get the stairs put back in that go upstairs - lol)...

It will be my "Purple Passion Room"... I can already see my granddaughters playing dressup in this room. I can see them walking around in big 'high heels' with crocheted, victorian gloves on and vintage jewelry around their necks. I can hear them giggling in my mind.

I can see big hats and crocheted shawls and heaping piles of dress up clothes scattered about as their imaginations run wild...

I can envision fun sleepovers taking place in "The Purple Passion Room" someday ~~~

Can You???


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  1. I'm glad to see you got it! :)


    1. I originally went to get it with a 'repaint' in mind, but when I seen it, there's no need to repaint it and it's just gorgeous in gold... Repaint is not gonna happen. The little girls are going to have so much fun in this little room upstairs when it's finished. It will be one of those rooms people are scared to walk into because it will be so 'fancy'. But, fancy doesn't have to cost a lot of money to create~!

  2. Hello, nice to meet you. Love your blog! We are BeBetsy, please stop by and visit us sometime at ~~Thanks, Sharon & Denise

  3. Thanks for stopping in for a visit 'Sharon & Denise'...
    Linked up the Purple Passion post to your blog party ~ thank you for the invite.

  4. What a steal of a deal on this gorgeous furniture! My daughter is a purple fiend and would die of purple envy! I'm your neighbor on Brag About It! Hope you can visit!

    1. Thanks for the visit Jeanne - bopped on over to your blog. What a cute idea on the garden whimsy. Neat thing to do with old dishes... Would be adorable in a patio vignette. For anybody reading this comment, Jeanne's blog is at:
      Pop on over and show her some love...

  5. Love your blog. I just followed you and hoping you'll follow back :)

    1. Welcome to Lace Crazy...
      Glad to have you follow along ~ Of course, I'll check out your blog...
      Hope you have a Great Weekend!

  6. Oh yes! I can see it now. Those kiddies in their hills and feather boa's. A purple boa no less! What a bargain and you will pull the room together so nicely. Can't wait to see. Hurry, hurry, man child get to work on those stairs. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Oh Jann, I so wish I could wave my magic wand and have stairs - it would be quicker than waiting on the 'man-child...
      Actually, I would be satisfied to have the purple passion set out of my living room this weekend~ lol
      Although, it has been fun to pet, the purple against the leather wall is KILLING ME~~~
      It will be gorgeous~!

  7. Laughing at hills instead of heels! Ha, ha, them hands move faster than the brain!

    1. I was chuckling too, thinking my Little Boohoo (Saige), her legs aren't real long... Hills & heelss might slow her down~!


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