Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Duncan Phyfe style drop leaf table and chair redo ~ in the planning stage...

Of course I neglected to get pics of the little beauty, because I am a "dumb shiat"...
But, it's in one of my best friends garage, so it's safe and sound until the big day.

What I'm trying to decide is color...
My poor youngest daughter is stuck with my 'old lady' kitchen at my barn house. She has pleaded with me to redo it. I did redo it, to look like this ~! (ha, ha...)

I just simply don't have the time to strip all of that gorgeous, satin, floral wall paper off the walls this year. Besides, I just don't think she realizes that under all of that, is a disaster that needs redone, inherited from the previous owner. Hence the reason it's covered in wall paper - lol

Here is what I have...
(See, I've always been a grandma at heart, even before I was truly a grandma~!)

Yes, I tore out the old dishwasher and threw it in the weeds ~ I detest dishwashers. I have two dishwashers; my right hand and my left hand. And really, I enjoy doing dishes by hand for some reason ~ go figure...
And, what do you do when you take out a dishwasher and the 'man-child' never gets the time to plug the hole? Why you throw up a curtain, of course ~ lol

Yes, these pics are from 2011 - it looks the same, I'm just too lazy to drive up there and shoot some new pics.

That new, huge, fridge peeking through the right of the pic will someday be in this old house where I currently reside - again, the 'man-child' has had no time to move it up here and my current little white one down to my barn house... So, when done, this old barn house kitchen will have a little white fridge...

And, hopefully, new wood flooring~~~

The deal is, my little Grandson "Journey" is a demon with those rolling chairs - they have to go. And, truth be told, I WANT MY ANTIQUE DINING TABLE ~ NOW~!

I've been patient because I don't want to leave her 'dining room table-less...' But, I love that old, antique, bread making table. It was my first furniture redo 20+ years ago and I could never part with it...

Oh, notice that 1950 something O'Keefe and Merritt, double oven, avocado, green range?
It is my sweet baby. It broke down once and I waited 7 months for a repair and I boohoo'd and cried everyday until somebody could figure out how to fix her. Finally, a great repairman came up with a retro-fit to get it rocking and baking again. The man-child offered to buy me a brand new range. I balked at the thought. I wouldn't even go shopping ~ no way, not happening. I'm not parting with my old green range ~ ever~!

Notice the avocado green counters? He even offered to buy me new counter tops and redo my kitchen. "Are you crazy?" I asked him. I loved this kitchen in all her avocado green glory~!

And, the old green range is only at this kitchen still, because I can't figure out how to make her fit at the 'new, old house' I'm redoing. She is my baby girl. And, she makes the GREATEST BREAD ON EARTH... The vintage range I'm currently cooking with makes mediocre bread - this old green range is well seasoned from 60+ years of baking and I miss her, every time I put bread in the oven... )=

So, here's the wall I need to match the old drop leaf table and chairs to... I think white will be too bright. Maybe, she won't need a redo? She might look great on this wall the wood color that she is.
Maybe, I'll give it a "French" look?
What color table would you put against this wall?
(Sorry, my sweet, youngest daughter ... You're just stuck with the 'old lady kitchen' until such time - another year - when I have time for a redo!)

But, while I was dinging around, perusing some pics and used furniture sites, I came across this unique, cute and fun dining room table. Although, it won't match my 'old lady kitchen, it was worth a highlight on the blog...

A gal named Lisa has this "One of Kind" dining room set for sale in Southern Utah ~ it is ADORABLE...
I fell in love when I first seen her pics and she gave me permission to post them on my blog ~ thanks Lisa. I hope this beauty finds a worthy home soon...

Isn't it darling?
And, no Amber - I'm not redoing my old floral kitchen into flags this year, although, it would be cute~!!!

I think anybody with a patriotic spirit would fall in love with this set upon first sight. If not Lisa, somebody done a very good job on this beauty. I love original furniture redo's and this one is "To die for..."

Any suggestions on the redo of an old, drop leaf dining table set redo to match my old lady barn kitchen above would be greatly appreciated~!

Everybody have a Great Rest of the Week~!!!

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  1. I like the new table much better. I love the look of an Antique Dining Table. They make such a beautiful accent. I just bought one for my home Mecox Gardens. I can't wait till it gets delivered.


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