Thursday, August 29, 2013

The meaning of life...


To give...

Life a Meaning~!

I can feel Autumn creeping in the breeze...
I actually had to close the bedroom window last night because it was chilly...
Can I admit I'm looking forward to the changing leaves, cool days and pumpkins on the porch?

I am ready~!

Ready for the change...
Maybe, I'm crazy ~ maybe, I'm just bored. ~ maybe, it's just time?
Time for winter to start heading our way and the seasons to make a change of color...

Warm socks, hot soup, wool blankets and hoodies~~ 
My favorite time of the year is approaching and...

I am Ready~!


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  1. Gorgeous photos - beautiful sentiment -
    BUT I'm still not ready lol - really, I'm SO not ready to say goodbye to summer yet :(

    1. lol...
      I'm not a big fan of summer~
      My favorite season is definitely Autumn, but I love winter too~!
      Winter is calmer, less hectic and cozier...
      I'm ready for cozy. And, I'm ready for jeans, wool socks & hoodies...

  2. I know I am ready for fall. This summer was mean and unforgiving so I am definitely ready for a restart. I love the way the light bounces off the water pitcher and gives it a pearl shimmer. Great post.

    1. Crazy that the pitcher came out that way -
      Actually, it was in the shade, with the sunlight behind the door, so I was thrilled with how pretty they turned out. You know, that old pink door is actually the inside door to my shed~ Only time & weather can do that. There is no faux job I know of that recreates that kind of patina. I always wonder why anybody would paint a door that color, but I'm happy they did~!

  3. I love change....I must! I am constantly changing things! But I'll hang onto summer time awhile longer here in the South. I can't wait to decorate for Fall though. Love your beautiful photos my friend!

  4. Oh my gosh Jen, love that door! Great color and the pitcher is a real beaut too! Your photography is always fab! I am a lover of Spring and Summer, but I do look forward to change. I love the show our mountains put on and Fall decorating is so much fun. Pumpkins, sunflowers, and squash oh my! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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