Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just a day with the cutest Grandson...

I got to babysit my little grandson Journey for a couple hours today...

He showed up early in his pajamas, ditched the shoes and the pj bottoms ~ took a few toys in on Grandma's big bed to watch Mickey Mouse. My bed is his favorite place in the house. He even has a favorite pillow~!

Isn't this just a "Cute Lil' Face..."

When Mickey Mouse got old, he stood in the kitchen window watching the humming birds for quite a spell...

And, playing with the antique coffee grinder in the kitchen window. He thinks it's fascinating to turn that handle and listen to those gears. It entertains him for long stretches...

Then it was off to find more toys...

The 'Man-Child' bought a toddler hard hat, a toddler fire hat and a toddler safari hat one day because he knew the grandkids would have fun playing with them. I knew it wasn't going to be good for Grandma~!

See, both my 2 year old grandkids nominated the safari hat as grandma's hat. Whenever they're around they force me to wear it. Yes, for hours and hours... 

My grandson Journey wears the fire hat, my granddaughter Saige wears the hard hat and yep~ Grandma has to keep the safari hat on. All Day~!

At one point, I was on the phone with a shipping customer (you guessed it, in my safari hat...) The hat came tumbling off my head, crashed onto the keyboard and made a heck of a ruckus. The little one yells, "Uh Oh Grandma," and then dives onto my lap to put my hat back on ~ causing me to gasp as his knees went into my stomach. 

My shipping customer asks, "Are you ok Jen?..." It was that loud...

I explained to him that my plastic safari hat fell off my head and my grandson was currently putting it back up there. Of course he laughed and telling the truth got me the rate for the truck I was negotiating... Just being honest~!

I was thrilled when I talked Journey into wearing "Grandma's" hat ~ 

It looks much cuter on him anyway...

Oh, the innocent fun of being 2 years old...

And, going on safari...

I swear, should I ever come across a 4th hat, a bonnet or something, I'm definitely grabbing it so "Grandpa" has a hat too~! 
(Yes as payback~!)

Could there be a funner day?


  1. That is the MOST fun! And it sure takes a lot of energy to keep up with one that age! He's a cutie for sure! Hugs!

    1. A LOT OF ENERGY... lol
      I have 2, 2 year old grandkids. Each of my daughters has one. They are 4 months apart. We call them the, "Turbo Twins" and the nickname is fitting ~ lol
      Fun, but exhausting~!

  2. He is adorable! I hope you find a bonnet. ha.


    1. Oh, I can just see the "Man-Child" with a pioneer bonnet on his big head...
      He will just love the idea ~ lol
      If Grandma has to safari with the Turbo Twins, Grandpa has to be a pioneer~!
      Fair is fair, right?


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