Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh wow... that was scary~!

I was laying in bed unable to sleep and a huge ruckus started...

All my sheep and my horses - across the block wall & Charlie (my alpaca) making noises I've never heard...
What the hell is going on?

I jumped up - grabbed my housecoat and pulled on my boots. Duke was with me - Fred's heeler - because he jumps the fence. This wasn't good... I couldn't find a flashlight anywhere...

I ran down the road and climbed through the fence, into the pasture and I seen a stray dog. The one that's probably killed all my ducks???

In the dark it looked like a pit bull, or bull dog breed. I started waving my arms, running toward it and yelling, trying to scare it off. Then, I seen the other 2 dogs...Oh yay for me ~ a "pack" of dogs. One of my worst nightmares where my sheep are concerned.

There were 3 dogs...
This wasn't setting up well for my heeler "Duke". The 3 dogs weren't running off. They were still giving chase and I lost sight of Duke in the dark ~ I'm still shaking...!

A dog fight started with the 3 strays and Duke when he caught them. There was no command I know that would have slowed him down, or pulled in back - Wow, where are the horses and where is Charlie? The sheep were running straight for me as I was yelling. I could see them because they are white. I could hear the horses, they just weren't in my sight... Oh joy - now I started a stampede~!

I heard Duke yelp - I knew he was in trouble ~ what to do... what to do...

I don't know what I feared worse, the 3 unknown dogs, or the 3 horses heading straight for me. I'm terrified of horses feet and to not be able to see but glimpses of them --- I was simply terrified~!

As I found my footing and was running down a muddy furrow, I seen a large flash of white come over the fence - it ran past me so fast, it made my hair move in its breeze. I knew it was Mooch, but I didn't know how he got out of the yard and over 2 fences... Oh boy, the dog fight was on. And, between the sounds of my horses and the bawling of my sheep. I didn't know what way to turn and they were all coming at me! Mooch barked a few times and thundering herd turned around, running the opposite direction ~ thank you Mooch. Once again, you rescued me from certain calamity~!

I tripped on my housecoat and fell in the ditch. I must have resembled a dis-shoveled "Lady Gadiva" out there in the field, with my housecoat half on... Thank heavens nobody seen me. I hope!

Then, I seen the 3 pitbull-type dogs go under the fence and take off down the road. And, I seen my Red Heeler and Pyrenees right behind them. Oh no... the dog chase was on... Could this really get any worse? Mooch gave chase to a coyote one time and I didn't see his big, white, hairy face for nearly 6 hours...!

When I gathered myself and my housecoat up and turned around - Charlie, my alpaca - that camel I've wanted my whole life was there right behind me.  I came face to face with him and it scared the 'holy batshit' out of me. Yes, I SCREAMED~!

Charlie didn't run though. He came closer to me making lower pitch, under his breath noises this time. He was on full alert. stressed, but at my side. Alpaca's are guardians and he proved it to me in this scuttle. Is that not awesome~ even though he scared me half to death... lol

Then came the sheep with all their lambs. I went through my herd and they seemed unhurt. I couldn't see any blood on any of them. None seemed to be limping, they were just traumatized...  My 3 horses settled down immediately when the dogs left the field and with Charlie, my whole mob of different species of creatures escorted me back to the fence.

 I ran to grab my truck to follow the dogs and Mooch and Duke came right to the truck from down the lane ~ Thank the Lord...

I am clueless where the strays went, or whom they belong to. I do know what direction they went and I'll be finding them in the morning~!

What chaos - what a wreck... People in the area letting their dogs lose at night is getting old. Not knowing where your dogs are, or what they're up to can get someone hurt, or get you sued~!

I'm so very thankful none of my hair kids got injured and I can't even find a mark on either of my dogs ~ whew...

I'm also grateful for my guardian angel on nights like tonight. I know she's usually flying at a high rate of speed and with both wings on fire to keep up with my life. And thank you Charlie - my white beast by my side. You proved yourself more than worthy to live here, my new friend...

It's funny ~ the dogs are now sound asleep at my feet, like nothing ever happened. If only my human world could be so black and white...

Heck of a way to start "My New Begining...!"
Someone upstairs is sure making sure I'm present and paying attention ~ lol
I'm considering ordering myself that "Life Alert" button again if things don't soon settle...

What a crazy, crazy night~!!!


  1. Your braver than me. I wouldn't have even stepped foot outside in the middle of the night!


    1. lol ~ well someone has to. When I'm the only someone here, I have to~!
      I'm not scared of the dark. "There's nothing in the dark that isn't there in the day"... Except maybe 3 stray dogs and a bunch of thundering horses~!

      My worst was going up on the mountain one night. I left at midnight after my last irrigation water turn. Loaded a cooler and my dog and off we went. And, we broke down in a horrible thunder storm. I got this bright idea to just walk in to camp. About 2 miles. Then it started pouring and smacking lightning. Wow - that was an awful hike. The only thing I was worried about was a forest fire with a broke down truck!
      And, sleeping in a 5th wheel with a soaking wet pyrenees (smelly!)... =D
      Next time, we'll just sleep in the truck - lol
      I've had a lot of adventures in the dark...


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