Thursday, April 4, 2013

There's a reason I call myself "Lace Crazy"...

You are about to get a taste of my sometimes 'uncontrolable' obsession...

Ok ~ truth is, I'm a lace & curtain hoarder...
I kept it hidden for a long, long time. But, one day, my better half ran into a box of curtains in the garage. And yes, it was a BIG BOX. Then another box, then he opened an old steamer truck in my corner and found more curtains (he doesn't know it yet, but there's a huge, old, cedar chest out there just brimming with it)... Hell, I even had lace and curtains hid out in the pantry in a box. And, in my office I had boxes and boxes of lace and curtains and doillies.... And well, in every closet and every nook & crany.
I think every box with a lid in my house was full of lace & curtains. He had just never noticed before. And he had 'assumed' it was varying household junk. Nope ~ it was ALL lace & curtains, especially LACE CURTAINS~!

You know the great thing about my obsession???
It fits anywhere & everywhere. It's easy to hide... I'm not even going to discuss all the 'space bags' full, or where I have them ~ Ha~!

Honestly, I've supplied 4, or 5 houses with curtains - if you need curtains, I'm the woman to go to~!
(Sick, aint it...) I have enough doillies to probably make 8, or 10, crazy quilts ~ I am ill...

They say the road to recovery is admiting you have a problem. Well, I have a problem and I don't intend to recover from it. I LOVE LACE! And, that's the reason he nicknamed me "Lace Crazy." The good news is though ~ I've got him in on the action!

He doesn't pass a yardsale where he sees lace that he doesn't stop and buy it for me. Now, that's "True Love." My best friend says he's just feeding my addiction, but I don't mind. I enjoy it. It excites me~!

Here's a little taste of my not-so-secret-anymore obsession...

A great haul of cutwork & crocheted curtains...
$12 from the antique shop (even though they're not antique...)
I think, these will all be pillowcases next week...

Burgundy, crocheted bedspread & 2 shams
$8 from the thrift store ~ I'm in Luv~!

~Lace & more Lace~
(Yes, it piles down one side of my sectional)
$22 worth from the thrift store ~ just yummy~!

Yes, I left all of this piled on my couch and I petted them for 2 days~
I am Lace Crazy!!!

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  1. It's so refreshing to hear someone admit they have an obsession and don't want a cure! And, how nice he buys you lace! I love that burgundy set! And all the others.


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