Monday, April 8, 2013

Eye candy at an antique's mall~ Soooooo much to see~!

Sadly, we had to attend a family members funeral on Saturday up North (Northern Utah)...  After the services, we were coming back through Sprinville and I seen "Treasures Antique Mall"~ again... I've seen it over and over in our trips to the 'Big City,' for years now and I've always wanted to go peek around, but I never seem to have the time.

Well Saturday, we made the time ~ Yay...
Holy Wow~!!!

A person could get lost in those 2 buildings all day ~ perhaps, all week. Awesome collections, but sadly, not many "primitiques," as I call them (Primitive Antiques) in my price range. I'm quite strict on my penny pinching, so I don't just buy impulsively. I did however acquire 2 vintage rolling pins and a wood mallet for my old crock I'll soon be moving into the kitchen (when I figure out where to put it in the kitchen)...

They did have some awesome things though and some memorable things to add to my bucket list.
You would all be proud of me ~ I didn't buy one piece of lace...
(Is that even allowed? Not even a doilly~!)
But, I did pet it all. And, I did enjoy walking around looking at all of it~!

One of my favorite things...
Pretty pricey, but fun to look at.
Wouldn't these just be lovely on any patio, or by any front door?

This antique light would be gorgeous in my living room?
But, sadly, it hadn't been converted to electrical and I just couldn't talk my better half into doing it for me right now.
So, I took a picture to remember it by and kept on looking...

And then this cute little 'chippy' drop side table.
This would be so CUTE on a porch. I just couldn't bring myself to
pull the trigger on the price listed, but I will make a mental note and
find a similar one, when my porch is finished...

There wasn't alot of crocheted lace bed linens, but that one
tucked in the back there on the left, the 'pinwheel pattern' just
nearly came home with me.
But, on a thorough inspection, there was just too big of a stain
on one side for my taste and for the price ~
But oh' did I ponder the possibility of it draped at the foot of an upstairs bed...

And when I turned the corner and seen this treasure chest,
my heart fluttered...
But sadly, there was a board across the top so what I thought would be a 'treasure chest' of linens to dig through and pet, only turned out to be what is shown.
Major let-down~!

I did enjoy taking the time to stop and stroll through. And, I know where I will go when I'm ready for some beautiful, 'vintage,' yard art for my porch when it's finished~!

And... to make up for it ~ my better half brought me these in from his shop, he ran across them in an old toolbox... I think I'll use one of them on the 'soon-to-be' 7-up/Pepsi crate garbage can he's going to build me for the kitchen ~ to keep Mooch's nose out of the can...

Of course, on a trip to town today, I stopped into my FAVORITE, FAVORITE store ~ Richfield of Dreams. You can see some of their inventory here -

They are AWESOME~!!!

If you're ever in Central Utah, stop in and see John (the owner). They're located on the Northwest side of Richfield's mainstreet. They have high quality, used & new, top of the line furniture.
And, he brings in some pretty unique stuff, so I just had to bring these home...

They match all the old crates in my kitchen
 And, they fill up a space next to the kitchen entry door I was struggling with...

And... he threw these in for kicks and giggles, for my bathroom when the renovation is completed...
(Not sure what I'm going to do with them, or where I will put them, but I never refuse a 'throw in')

There's a lesson here...
Let the person who owns your favorite furniture store deliver something to your home, so he knows what your decorating style is and he'll bring things into his/her store that you'll cherish~!
(I think that's called a "Good Business Strategy" - and he's good at that.)
Thanks John~!

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