Tuesday, November 1, 2016

If you climb into the saddle be ready for the ride...

There's a new girl in town...
(On the left - Jack is on the right)

Her name is "Jazzy" and she's a registered Tennessee Walking horse, like Jack...

She has a white star on her face and a long white sock on her back leg. This is about the only thing that distinguishes her from Jack. 

 Now, we have a Jack & Jazzy. 

Jaz came to us by a fluke - 
 When you have a 'walking horse,' you pretty much need two if you want company along for the ride. Or, one walking horse just out-walks everybody else and you find yourself riding alone. So, by a fluke, Fred has a friend that had Jazzy up for sale. Actually, even though Jazz has a lot more weight on her, her and Jack are about the same exact size when they stand side by side. They could be brother & sister the way they resemble each other. And, they get along wonderful, which is surprising, considering she's a mare.

Jack has a crooked white blaze on his face and one small, white sock'n back foot. Jazzy has a white star on her face, one small white sock'n back foot and a longer white sock'n back leg.
Other than that, they look exactly the same aside from weight gain.

I've been soaking Jack's foot in some Epsom salt bath and using a product for abscesses and thrush and he's feeling a lot better.

We took them on a short ride on Saturday to see what they were all about... 

You know, if you climb into the saddle, be ready for the ride !

I led Jack to a bale of hay to see if he would stand while I mounted, which he did. Not even a wiggle. He was wonderful, still and attentive. When I was seated, I then made the mistake to click my tongue and well... 

He didn't buck, jump, or rear - He went from standing still to a fast gallop in one leap. Oh heavens my heart was racing and when I went to collect him I realized I had dropped one rein in the excitement!

All of a sudden, the hubby cuts Jack off using Jazzy's body and stops Jack and while he's laughing, he hands me my left rein I had dropped. 
I asked him, "What the hell was that?"

He said, I asked Jack to go and well... Jack went~!
<I guess, I should probably ask softer next time...>

The previous owner had warned me that Jack liked to move out fast when he first got started. A lot of horses do. Usually, in a fast walk with some excitement. Jack can go straight from standing still to a fast run in a split second...
We'll be working on that~~~

After Jack planed down and got settled, he started to calm down his excitement, but oh my word he is fast. And, he loves to canter and he does it naturally and it is very smooth...
Jazzy is a little more trotty - she's a little more choppy and needs some leg work. 

Riding Jack for the first time was much like riding a very happy Jack Russell Terrier.

There was nothing agressive about Jack, or nothing mean. He was just so HAPPY to be out RIDING and stretching his legs. And happy can sometimes be hard to control~!

We had a good ride on Saturday and it ended on a good note and that's all that can be expected.
Jack spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday harassing Lil' Ray (my old white horse) over Jazzy. Ray is about 28 years old and has some cancer, so he's not here but for a little while longer. But, Ray has enjoyed the excitement of all the new horses...

I hope you had a Wonderful Weekend~!



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