Thursday, October 27, 2016

An Update on Jack...

The farrier came by yesterday to pull Jack's long shoes and trim him up. He has a really bad abscess in his right front foot from manure and dirt being impacted in his hoof while he was being stabled with his previous owner. When we brought him out of his stall, before we brought him home, it was like he was standing on softball's because the manure was impacted so tightly in his feet. The hubby cleaned his feet before he could be loaded, so he could stand flat. The abscess has been treated and will be healed soon and Jack will feel like a brand new horse with his brand new shoes.

He was amazing while the farrier done his feet. Absolutely no pull back and no anxiety, even when he was cleaning out the abscessed spot. And, the hubby took him for a gentle ride two days ago to see what he was all about. If you can notice, he's riding him in my halter - he's just that sweet...

The hubby is in the process of building an outdoor arena complete with picnic area and a fire pit. I was sitting on a swing in the picnic area and he rode him right up to say hi... 

We have a piece of property above the house and above the barns that works perfect for an arena, but it had a big slope, so the hubby has been playing in the dirt for a couple weeks leveling things off and screening out all of the rocks. 

He built the picnic / campfire area under the tree where the backhoe is sitting in the pic and it turned out so awesome and has a beautiful view in all directions...

He put in some railroad tie stairs to walk from the arena to the picnic area and he's in the process of putting in a firepit area. It's a fun place to be and not too far from the house.


We actually challenge ourselves with the cost of our projects and of course, we never take into consideration the time. So, for just the raw, cash cost - so far, we're into this $450... We had everything else here already from other projects in the past. The breakdown is $150 in diesel fuel for the equipment and $300 for the swing and picnic table...

We had plenty of free labor show up to help out and direct the construction - - -

 More to come soon...
Jack is doing well and settling right into things.


  1. Very adventures blog, i liked it. Thanks for sharing the post. I also love horse riding. Hope Jack is fine now and runs like before.

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