Hand Carved, Imported, Russian Pine Furniture...

Well, here you have it...

We acquired all this GORGEOUS furniture by a fluke last fall. I ran across an add online, in Salt Lake. A guy made his fortune selling porcelain dolls on Ebay (it's a long story) and well, he lost his fortune just as fast. But, while he was flush, he went on a trip to Russia and ordered all of this beautiful furniture and had it imported. Sadly, after the 08 crash, he lost his house and it wouldn't fit in his new, smaller home (too tall)... So, I called about the bed, a glass curio cabinet and the dresser. His wife told me to "bring extra cash" when I came up because she thought her husband would make me a deal on what he had left...

So, we left Central Utah in our Kenworth with a van pup trailer and $2,000 in cash to go get what I had already had her hold. When we got there, her husband told me I could HAVE THE WHOLE STORAGE UNIT FULL for the cash I had left. <about $1500+ some...>
A semi truck takes alot of fuel and we fueled with some of the $2k... 


Well, he was dead serious and we struggled to get it to all fit in the van trailer~!

He said, "he didn't want it to go to Storage Wars" and he didn't have the money to pay for the storage unit for another month.

(Trust me... I was pinching myself all the way home to make sure I was awake.)

I had always dreamed of having a curio cabinet ~ well, I now have a bunch of them...

Here it all is ~ loaded in the van trailer...

Here's some of it set out on our concrete garage slab, getting a good oiling with some WATCO Rejuvenate.
It desperately needed some oil, from the effects of Utah's dry climate...

All together, there was:
A 7' long cradenza (currently residing on my back porch)
A gothic type corner curio cabinet (In the living room)
A glass front victorian type curio cabinet (In the living room)
A small corner curio cabinet (In the living room)
A doweled front (I call it the birdcage) curio / linen type cabinet (In the bedroom)
2 coffee tables (One in the living room, one currently in the bedroom right now)
A king chair
A king canopy bed
A dresser
A dresser mirror
A small plant stand, lamp stand type cabinet
And, there was another king chair that the top sat down to make a lamp table, but my better halfs cousin STOLE it from me... It's a long story and not worth repeating... =(

THERE WAS 13 PIECES~ it was a once in a lifetime find~!

Just a refresher, here's a few of the pics in their current locations...


Coffee Table - in the living room

Gothic Corner Curio - in the living room

Victorian Curio - in the living room

Small Corner Curio - in the living room

King Chair - in the living room

Lamp Stand - in the living room

Cradenza - on the back porch ~ no other place to put it...
It's houseing all my junk right now ~ Sad!

Head of Canopy Bed - too big to get in one pic~!

Foot of Canopy Bed - too big to get in one pic...


Dresser & Mirror - in the bedroom, of course...

Bird Cage / Linen Cradenza & the other coffee table (there were 2)...
Currently in the bedroom...

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  1. I like to buy a pine furniture for my bedroom because it will add class to my bedroom space.


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