Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jack is just a sweetheart...

He's a great horse...

The kids came over today to meet Jack and Jazzy. This is our youngest Grandson sitting on Jack. He didn't even care there was a little one up there. He was great with it - no issues. Our little Grandson was born to ride - he LOVES horses. He is just a natural horse kid.

Our oldest Grandson was a little more reluctant to get on Jack. He had to get to know him a little bit first. He petted him and touched his tail. He helped brush him and talked to him a bit.

 Then, he was ready to get on Jack. Jack wasn't bothered with the little ones on him at all.

Jack was definitely enjoying the attention from the little ones. 
He was so gentle and so careful...

He was certainly enjoying all of the attention and love...

Now, Jazzy on the other hand - well - our daughter Amber decided she wanted to ride her in the corral, so the hubby haltered her and held onto her while Amber climbed on. Whoa... Jazzy started running fast in a circle, while the hubby still had the lead rope in his hand. 
It scared the little ones - they were kind of timid about Jazzy~~~


Jazzy got her share of loving today too, but no little ones on her back, yet~~~

 Both Jack & Jazzy are doing great and we're still patiently waiting for Meri to have her colt...

Sadly, we had to put my old white horse 'Little Ray' down on Sunday. He was clear full of tumors. 
It's hard to lose a 28 year old horse, but I just couldn't stand him to suffer.

I think Jack has put on about 75# since he got here. He's looking so good and so content. He gets his hair brushed twice a day and he's nice and shiny now. He's doing fabulous and he's got such a great temperament. I feel so lucky to have found him. He's just a sweet horse...

The kids sure had a fun day getting to know the new horses. 
The horses had a great day getting to know the kids...


  1. Oh no! So sorry about Little Ray! It's always hard to lose a "family member".
    Great to see that Jack & Jazzy are getting to know the 'grands'. They'll keep those horses in shape for years to come.
    ~ Linda K.

  2. I randomly stumbled on to your blog by one of your images, your boho style painted shelving, and I just had to leave some love for your projects. It looks like it has been a couple years since you've last posted, but I hope you've continued to create and recreate. Beautiful stuff!


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